Unlock the new Samsung Solstice A887

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Samsung Solstice A887 UnlockedSamsung’s newest phone is the Solstice A887. The new Samsung Solstice A887 is offered by AT&T. Of course unlocking your Samsung Solstice A887 will mean you can use it with any phone carrier on any network. You can find more information about Samsung’s newest phone by reading this article from Samsung USA News: The Samsung Solstice.

You can unlock a Samsung Solstice A887 for free in 4 steps. By unlocking your Samsung Solstice A887 mobile phone you will be able to use the device on any phone carrier network as long as they are a GSM carrier. Essentially any mobile phone with a SIM card in it, is operating on a GSM network. Before you can unlock your Samsung Solstice A887 you will need an unlock code. Many other mobile phone websites would suggest buying an unlock code. However, I have included all the steps below for getting a free Samsung Solstice A887 unlock code to unlock your phone. Here are the 4 steps to unlock your Samsung Solstice A887 for free:

How To Unlock Samsung Solstice A887

1. Find your Samsung Solstice A887′s IMEI number by typing *#06# on the keypad.
2. Call your current phone carrier’s support and ask for an unlock code and they will request your IMEI number.
3. Turn on your Samsung Solstice without the SIM card in.
4. Now type #7465625*638*CODE# (where CODE is your Samsung unlock code)
5. Your Samsung Solstice A887 should say “Network Lock Deactivated”.

Now you should have yourself a fully unlocked Samsung Solstice A887. Before you can use your newly unlocked phone on a new phone carrier’s network, you must buy a SIM card and order a voice plan with that carrier. If the steps above did not work on your Samsung Solstice A887, do not try repeating as this could just permanently lock your mobile phone. Furthermore, the steps in this phone guide are based on my previous article on how to unlock a Samsung phone for free.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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16 thoughts on “Unlock the new Samsung Solstice A887

  1. After calling Samsung to verify the process you describe, the only difference is that the phone needs to be turned off, sim card removed and turned back on. Then enter the number and code as described.
    I did this as instructed and the deactivation went without a hitch

  2. Compre en Miami un Samsung Solstice , me lo vendieron como desbloqueado pero al instalar mi chip no paso nada, alguien sabe como desbloquarlo???sld

  3. Hi all, I need the unlock code for my solstice… Are all the unlock codes different for the solstice?Who do I have to call in order to Get the code? Please ANY HELP

  4. hi, i’m on vacation and since the charges were so high i took out my SIM…my IMEI # is 35704403420224/9 01…i need help please, thanks

  5. Hey Eddy, you will still need service with some mobile carrier or network to use your phone. So I’m not entirely sure unlocking a Samsung Solstice is going to help you on vacation, however, if you are permanently looking to switch carriers, unlocking your phone would remove the SIM lock and make this possible. If you have any more questions feel free to reply. Good luck!

  6. I have the formula to unlock, which is #7465625*638*Unlock code# (8 digit unlock code*)

    but, my IMEI# contains 14 digits, so, whats the 8 digit unlock code?


  7. I discovered a strategy today for getting the unlock code from your carrier if they are hesitant to give it out. Don’t tell them you want to use the phone with another carrier, instead tell them you’ll be traveling out of the country and need the unlock code so that you can buy pre-paid time (over there) while traveling. It worked like a charm.

  8. I need the unlock code for my solstice… Are all the unlock codes different for the solstice? a887 pls help me

  9. Yes, all unlock codes are unique to your phone (at least for any newer phone). Each unlock code, such as for a Samsung Solstice is calculated directly off your phone’s IMEI number, which you can get by entering *#06# on your phone and hitting enter. Also keep in mind that will only work with a GSM or SIM card based cell phone. Other cell phones from carriers such as Verizon use a CDMA chip that cannot be unlocked the same way as a SIM phone. So I would suggest calling up your carrier for an unlock code first. Otherwise, I would try using some of the recommended unlock code vendors provided in the post. I hope this helps you guys and good luck unlocking those phones!

  10. need unlock code !!! please somebody help iv tryed everything, even calling T-mobile. can i just please a code

  11. I recently unlocked my phone to use with a different carrier. Everything works great except i cannot send or forward any pictures. Help PLEASE???? Thanks

  12. hi please how can i call the carrier and with which fone because mine didnt come with any sim………….HELP HELP please and its an emergency(thanks alot)

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