Unlock Samsung Impression A877

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Unlock Samsung Impression A877Unlocking a Samsung Impression A877 for free takes a few steps. You need a Samsung Impression A877 unlock code for your phone first. Normally, you can acquire a free unlock code by downloading phone unlock software or by calling your phone carrier’s support. Regardless, you will need your Samsung Impression A877′s IMEI number. Either the phone carrier will ask for it or you will need to enter it into your phone unlock software to generate free unlock codes. Here are the steps to find your Samsung Impression A877′s IMEI number:

Samsung Impression A877 IMEI Number

1. Power on your Samsung Impression A877.
2. Type *#06# on your phone’s keypad.
3. First 15 digits of output is your Samsung Impression A877′s IMEI number.

With your IMEI number you should be able to attain your free unlock code. Once you have your unlock code we can begin the unlock steps. You can find more information from this article on How To Unlock Samsung SGH-A877. Here are the steps to unlock your Samsung Impression A877:

How To Unlock Samsung Impression A877

1. Power on your Samsung Impression A877 without the SIM card in.
2. Type #7465625*638*CODE# (where CODE = your 8 digit unlock code)
3. Phone will display “Network Lock Deactivated”
4. Samsung Impression A877 may auto reboot.

Now you should have a fully unlocked Samsung Impression A877 that you can use with any phone carrier or network. Just buy a SIM card for that phone carrier and order service. Of course this phone guide will only work on SIM enabled phones and not CDMA phones. If this phone guide did not help you unlock your Samsung phone, try reading my phone guide on Unlocking a Samsung phone for free.

I hope this phone unlocking guide for the Samsung Impression A877 smartphone was helpful for you, if not or you still have questions, please post them below. Thanks.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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27 thoughts on “Unlock Samsung Impression A877

  1. I need unlock code for my Samsung Impression a877. Here is my IMEI #357011032881829

  2. Hi,
    How could you get the unlock code for the Samsung Impression without having to buy it? Or is there any other way of by passing and unlocking the network without the code?

    IMEI: 35869603219239/8 03

    If there is anyway you could help out that would be great!

  3. i have an samsung impression sgh a877 the phone is locked please help imie is357011037853815 please help

  4. el numero de desbloqueo esta compuesto por los primeros 8 números del IMEI. Saludos

  5. i got a unlock code for samsung sgh-a877 but phone say phone freeze deative fail after code was enter can someone help

  6. I purchased my samsung impression model A877 from a used dealer and I cant get the phone unlocked does any one know the code to unlock my phone

  7. I received my unlock code for free simply by calling AT&T customer service and letting them know that I had a phone but needed to unlock it to use with my prepaid carrier. I was on hold for a few moments and she came back and asked for my IMEI number (*#06#…first 15 digits). She gave me the code and I used the instructions from this site and my phone is now unlocked.

  8. Hey Davda, thanks for taking the time to give everyone that tip. It’s great to hear people being able to unlock their phone so painlessly. Good job!

  9. Hey, thank you for the help. I called AT&T and they sent me the code. Then I followed the above instructions and done, “Network Lock Deactivated”!

  10. I tried to unlock my phone, when i put my sim card in it said “Phone Freeze SIM unavailable Please contact service provider”

  11. Hey Brittany, make sure that you have correctly unlocked your phone and that you have used a unique unlock code that you have either attained from AT&T or a professional unlock service. Otherwise, you would be best off to call up your carrier and they should be able to give you a master unlock code so that you can resolve that issue. Good luck.

  12. i purchase a samsung impression sgh a877 my ime358731024475525 how can i get it unlock. my carrier told me that they don’t have the unlock code

  13. pls help me to know the unlock codes for my samsung impression sgh-A877 my ime 357011037021918

  14. Called AT&T for an unlock code for my recently purchased samsung impression and was told that they donot have an unlock code. ime 357011/03/807257/1

  15. please help me…I HAVE A Samsung Impression a877 i need a unlock code please my IMEI number IS 35869603343131/6 03 im going out the usa and need my cell unlocked

  16. Your instructions were very helpful — I obtained the unlock code from ATT for free. However, their instructions required taht I insert a non-ATT sim card which i will not have til I get to Europe. I was a little concerned that their method wouldn’t work (for example if they made a typo or if they used the wrong IMEI). Anyway, your method worked fine with the code ATT sent me — so now I have piece of mind :) Thanks!

  17. Hey Paul. Thanks for posting your success on unlocking your Samsung Impression. I am glad that everything worked out for you. Have fun in Europe!

  18. Sorry Alimo, I do not have a generator or any free way of getting this code for you. You should try dialing your networks support number and ask for one. Otherwise, you can try one of the instant unlock sites. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  19. Excellent, very easy. Short wait with my service provider to get unlock code.. once i got the code followed steps.. Very Easy. Very quick. even tho i’m in the middle east it still worked

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