How To Unlock Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica

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Samsung Galaxy SpicaThe Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica only takes a few steps to unlock. The new Galaxy Spica I5700 from Samsung is a SIM phone and runs Google’s Android OS making it a fantastic gift for the holidays. The scope of this phone guide is to show how to unlock the Galaxy Spica for free. Unlocking your Samsung phone means you will be able to use it with any phone carrier network, rather then just the one you bought it with. Unlocking only takes a few steps, but does require an unlock code. You can usually get a free unlock code by requesting one from your phone carrier. If they will not give you one, then you may have to look online to purchase one from an online vendor. Regardless of how you go about attaining your Samsung I5700′s unlock code you will need to give them your IMEI number. This is a number that idefntifies your Samsung phone and will help them calculate your unlock code. You can find it simply by typing *#06# and hitting enter. Once you have an unlock code you can go ahead and peform the steps posted below. You can find the original instructions to unlock any GSM Samsung phone here.

Unlock Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica

1. Power on your Samsung mobile phone without the SIM card in.
2. Type #7465625*638*
3. Enter your Samsung unlock code
4. Type #
5. If worked, phone should say “Network Lock Deactivated”
6. Your Samsung phone may automatically reboot.

If you are actually looking for the original Samsung Galaxy I7500, then try using this phone guide.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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2 thoughts on “How To Unlock Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica

  1. To obtain the unlockcode for your I5700 you can also use the Samsung Remote Client, in the new 10.0.3 version they released world-first unlock for this phone, it’s just reading out the unlockcode so you keep 100% waranty

  2. how do you do:
    2. Type #7465625*638* ?

    There is no keyboard presented on android desktop. I tried this in “phone” as if making a call, but no result

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