Unlock Samsung Gravity 2 T469

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Unlock Samsung Gravity 2 T469Unlocking the new Samsung Gravity 2 T469 from T-Mobile is free and easy. You need a Samsung Gravity 2 T469 unlock code for your phone first. Normally, you can acquire a free unlock code by downloading phone unlock software or by calling your phone carrier’s support. Regardless, you will need your Samsung Gravity 2 T469′s IMEI number. Either the phone carrier will ask for it or you will need to enter it into your phone unlock software to generate free unlock codes. You can find your Samsung Gravity 2 T469′s IMEI number by typing *#06# on your phone’s keypad.

With your phone’s IMEI number you should be able to attain your free Samsung unlock code. Once you have your unlock code we can begin the unlocking your Samsung Gravity 2. Here are the steps to unlock your Samsung Gravity 2 T469:

How To Unlock Samsung Gravity 2 T469

1. Power on your Samsung mobile phone with the UNACCEPTED SIM card inserted.
2. Your Samsung phone will prompt for a password (unlock code).
3. Now enter your Samsung unlock code.

If your Samsung handset displays “Insert Correct SIM Card” then try these instructions:

1. Turn on your Samsung phone with an UNACCEPTED SIM card inserted.
2 – Type: #0111*CODE# (Where CODE is your Samsung unlock code

Now you should have a fully unlocked Samsung Gravity 2 T469! Now you should be able to use any phone carrier and not be limited to T-Mobile. You can check out my original phone guide for Unlocking Samsung Mobile Phones for more information. Additionally, if you are trying to unlock the original Gravity T459 phone from Samsung, then check out my older phone guide that shows How To Unlock Samsung Gravity T459.

If you are still interested in learning more about Samsung’s newest phone the Gravity 2 T469, then check out the full phone specs.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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10 thoughts on “Unlock Samsung Gravity 2 T469

  1. Thanks for the post. You might want to compare it to your page on the Gravity (1). This page is missing a step and it nearly cost me the phone – you have to take your SIM out of the phone, or put a foreign SIM in it, or the unlock will fail. Cheers!

  2. What code?
    I have my imei number… but where you put that whole long number then the apparent 8 digit password… where do i find that?
    You aren’t detailed enough…

  3. trying to use my samsung gravity 2 phone i havent used for a while and forgot the password. I know you talk about unlocking for different carriers here, but is there a master reset code, for this? I turned my phone off and back on, and the only choice i have is to put in a password of call SOS.

    my phone’s imei in case you need it… 354418030908632

  4. i dont know what the original poster did or what roberta was saying that you would need to take out the sim card but all u do is call t mobile and tell them your going overseas and that you were told that you would need something called an unlock code ,they’ll tell you that they cant give it to you right then and they’ll ask you for your e mail to send it to you…once you get it (a few days later) this is what you do….turn you phone on (with the sim card in) then dial # 7465625*638*CODE# where it says CODE enter the 8 digit code that you received from the e mail…it should look like this…..#7465625*638*12345678# after you enter that it should say ”network lock deactivated!”. now you can use any service provider you want…as long as they’ll do it…tell them its been unlocked…

  5. Hello, before getting the unlock code from my provider
    i did try to unlock my phone a couple of times using
    another method, now my phone reads after i imput
    this numbers, that my phone is a “phone freeze”, now
    i m trying to find how to fix this so i can unlock my phone,
    can somebody pls give me some orientation on how to?


    i got the samsung gravity 2 T469W, and i got the unlock number already

  6. Hey Oswaldo, basically you probably entered the wrong unlock code 3 or more times and it put your Samsung Gravity 2 on a lock. You should call up your current phone carrier and request a master unlock code for your phone, which should unfreeze your phone. Then even after that, you will need to “unlock” your phone using the correct instructions and code we have provided. Hope this helps and good luck!

  7. The unlock instructions worked perfectly for me. I’m with Rogers in Canada so it was only 12 bucks to unlock. I heard you can ask the network for the unlock code for free if you have been a customer for more than 6 months as well and they sometimes give it to you.

  8. Hi i have a samsung SGH T469 i need the unlock code i called my provider and the told me i need to wait 1 moire month before the can give me the code for free(wind mobile) but i need the code now because i’m in another country and need to use a SIM card from here. Is there any other way to get the unlock code without asking wind

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