Unlock new Samsung Galaxy i7500

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Unlock Samsung Galaxy i7500

The new Samsung Galaxy i7500 is hitting stores soon, so lets learn how to unlock a Samsung Galaxy i7500 for free. Unlocking a Samsung Galaxy i7500 is easy and free, but first requires you to have an unlock code. There are several ways to get a free unlock code for your phone.

You can acquire a free unlock code by downloading phone unlock software or by calling your phone carrier’s support. Regardless, you will need your Samsung Galaxy i7500′s IMEI number. Either the phone carrier will ask for it or you will need to enter it into your phone unlock software to generate free unlock codes. You can find your Samsung Galaxy i7500′s IMEI number easily by typing *#06# on your keypad. The first 15 digits of output on your phone’s screen should be your IMEI number.

With your IMEI number you should be able to attain a free unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy i7500. Once you have your unlock code we can begin the unlock steps. Here are the steps to unlock your Samsung Galaxy i7500 for free:

Unlock Samsung Galaxy i7500

1. Power on your Samsung Galaxy i7500 without the SIM card in.
2. Type #7465625*638*CODE# (where CODE = your 8 digit unlock code)
3. Phone will display “Network Lock Deactivated”
4. Samsung Galaxy i7500 may auto reboot.

Now you should have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy i7500 that you can use with any phone carrier or network. Just buy a SIM card for that phone carrier and order service. Of course this phone guide will only work on SIM enabled phones and not CDMA phones. If this phone guide did not help you unlock your Samsung phone, try reading my phone guide on Unlocking a Samsung phone for free.

Furthermore, if you want to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy i7500 mobile phone, then check out these free Samsung Galaxy Videos.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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21 thoughts on “Unlock new Samsung Galaxy i7500

  1. Help me please. I need to unlocking code for my Samsung I7500, IMEI:353027031357086.

  2. Hello someone can provide me a Samsung I7500 unlock code please.
    IMEI 353027030663138
    PROV Bouygues telecom

    Thx in advance

  3. Hello someone can provide me a Samsung I7500 unlock code please.
    IMEI 353027031957620
    PROV Bouygues telecom

  4. Please help me to unlock for my galaxy I7500 with the imei: 35641803008677/5 02.
    Thanks you very much.

  5. Please help me to unlock for my galaxy I7500 with the imei:353027031761816 PROV Bouygues telecom Thanks you very much.

  6. First, I would recommend you guys’ try calling up your current phone carrier if you have one and requesting an unlock code. Unfortunately I do not have a working unlock calculator for this cell phone. I would recommend trying this unlock service, as they support most phones.

  7. Someone can unlock my galaxy spica ?

    IMEI : 355299035898872

    I just want unlock my phone for all GSM . I was with NRJ MOBILE ( ORANGE ) .

    PS : I live in france

    Please i want an answer

  8. Please help me to unlock for my galaxy spica
    Imei 355299035539880
    Live virgin mobile(orange) france
    Thang you very mutch

  9. Please help me to unlock for my galaxy
    Live in Israel (cellcom)
    Thanks you very much

  10. Please help me to Unlock my Galaxy S
    Imei 351801042575288
    Live in Brazil and the phone is from T-Mobile USA

    Thank you

  11. Hey jojo, have you tried calling up your phone carrier and requesting a free unlock code. If not then try that. Otherwise, you can use some of the unlock code services provided on this website to unlock your Samsung Galaxy i7500. Good luck!

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