Unlock Nokia E71x for free

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Unlocking Nokia E71xUnlocking a Nokia E71x for free only takes a few steps. Before you can unlock your Nokia E71x you will need an unlock code. You can get your unlock code for free by calling AT&T support (1-800-331-0500) and ask for an unlock code, they will request your Nokia E71x’s IMEI number in exchange. Type *#06# and hit enter to get your cell phone’s IMEI number. Once you have your free unlock code from AT&T you are ready to begin unlocking. If you are looking for the Nokia E71 unlock guide, go here.

Warning: Entering in 3 or more incorrect unlock codes on your Nokia E71x could permanently lock it!

How To Unlock Nokia E71x

1. Type #PW+unlockcode+1# (Where unlockcode is your 8-digit unlock code you recieved from AT&T)
2. Your Nokia E71x should say “SIM Restriction Off”

The steps above are based on my Nokia unlock guide. If these steps didn’t work on your phone, then you may have to look for GSM unlocking software or some other method. Hope this helps!

Update: If you want to learn more about how to unlock any AT&T phone besides the E71X, check out this new phone guide!

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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14 thoughts on “Unlock Nokia E71x for free

  1. Great tutorial but few problems,

    1. the ATT support number is incorrect
    2. when you come to the option of #PW+ the phone does not do anything
    3. when you call ATT they dont have the unlock code in their system, they have to file a case to get the code, which usually takes 5-7 days to get the case resolved, good part is, they dont ask any questions and they will email the code right to your email.

  2. Thanks hash! I changed the AT&T support number to their current working one. Furthermore, once you type in #PW+ nothing is supposed to respond you just continue by typing in your unlock code next and then followed by the +1#. So all in all it should look like this: #PW+unlockcode+1#

    Hope this helps and good luck with unlocking your Nokia E71x!

  3. Hash, were you able to unlock your phone using this procedure. I suppose I do not mind waiting a week for the code. Also, can you guys use the wifi for free (that ATT so conviniently locked)? Thanks

  4. Hello!!!
    I need to unlock my new E71x to use it with other SIMs , i had this phone as a present from US and i cant use it with my local networks. I cant call AT&T since i am in albania , IS THERE any other way of getting the security code? I have been searching all day and i found out a way using a calculator of PM files , does this works?
    And how do i writte #PW+unlockcode+1# ?
    unclock code means adding 1 to the number or just literaly writting +1?
    THanks in advance!

  5. @Penultimate
    Hi Penultimate
    Have you succeeded in unlocking your E71x, if yes will you please share the process with me as now I am in the same situation. I’ve got one E71x and it is locked and I don’t find any other way to unlock it but to pay around$30 to those unlocking sites.
    Any one else if you know any way to unlock Nokia E71x then please help
    Thanks in Advance.

  6. I called ATT and they opened the case twice both time the code they gave me didn’t work. Now I have to pay some to unlock using sotfware not code as my phone is now of the last try

  7. I bought a E71x in US but I live in Brazil, here I cant use nokia apps (gps, messenger, email…).

    I have been searching how do it, but not found nothing about this. I found about how to use other SIMs. But im already using a brazilian SIM in my phone.

    Can you help me?

  8. you really don’t gotta fully unlock your SIM card, if all you want is the free WIFI Hotspot access. I’m thinking of doing it to mine now just for giggles. Use ( http://www.joiku.com/?action=products&mode=productdetails&product_id=310 ) and get Joikuspot light. it’s free as f*** promise. I’m still stealing my att 3G network from my e71x. been 3 years. 30 bucks a month. It’s sweet. it just turns ur phone net into ur own wifi spot. works with like 3-4 computers/phones at once……att has never asked me why I have ten billion bytes of data every month….hope it helps someone…I also use HelloX2 / ROMpatcher / FreeSigner to hack and unlock the BS signed apps crap…anybody w s60 knows. I have all of the APPS for the “super simple way to hack.” And the site
    to get your official signed certificate, from Nokia too. to install whatever apps you want on ur phone…..and of course….all the best apps always have invalid or unsigned certs

  9. To John about the Joiku software. Do I need to purchase a data plan from AT&T so I may get on line with my laptop?
    I had the tether plan with them and they ripped me off…………I couldn’t get through 15 days before they shut me down saying I had exhausted all my data allotment.

    I really DESPISE AT&T! Someone had posted a way to get Garmin on the e71x with turn by turn directions for free! AT&T deleted it from the site. I managed to get a copy of the”How To” from another member of the AT&T help site.

  10. If I unlock my AT&T Nokia E71X, will I be able to use it with as a prepaid Straight talk plan?

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