Unlock Nokia E71

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Unlock Nokia E71Unlocking a Nokia E71 only takes a few steps. In this phone guide we’ll learn how to acquire a Nokia E71 unlock code and steps needed to unlock your phone. Please note the unlock steps provided will only work on GSM versions of the Nokia E71. So as long as it has a SIM card you will be fine. Alright let’s get started.

How To Unlock Nokia E71

1. Find your Nokia E71’s IMEI number by typing *#06#
2. Get an unlock code for your Nokia E71 by either calling your phone carrier or buying one online. (You will need your IMEI number in exchange for the unlock code.)
3. Type #PW+
4. Enter your unlock code from earlier. (Warning: Entering an incorrect unlock code several times may permanently lock your Nokia E71.)
5. Type +1#
6. If everything worked, your Nokia E71 should display “SIM Restriction Off”.

The steps provided above are originally based on my How To Unlock A Nokia Phone post. If you are still having trouble unlocking your Nokia E71, check out this forum post on afterdawn. Feel free to leave any questions or comments you have on unlocking the Nokia E71 below. Thanks and God bless!

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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4 thoughts on “Unlock Nokia E71

  1. i ve a nokia e71 with a problem of sim card not valid. i visited this site for help and was asked to get my unlock code by calling my phone carrier or buying one on line. pls what is a phone carrier or on what site can i buy it. ken, nigeria.

  2. I have nokia E71 phone which i bought from australia but i am unable to unlock the phone as vendor says we does’t have that software here in india. so now how to get it unlocked? the nokia E71 is of Optus moblie australia.

    Please guide me in this regards.

  3. hey i followed your instruction and it absolutely worked.my e71 is unlocked now!..thanks a million!

  4. im getting a nokia e71 in 1 week! i cant wait! EEKKK!! all of u guyz stink! by savannah from excelsior primary school in WA. dating stevie brooks.

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