Unlock Motorola Droid from Verizon

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Unlock Motorola DroidUnlocking a Motorola Droid from Verizon Wireless requires some unlocking software. The new Motorola Droid commercials from Verizon may catch your attention soon. This new phone powered by Google’s Android mobile OS is actually almost identical to the Motorola Milestone phone that is available in to European consumers. Since the new Motorola Droid is being offered through Verizon Wireless we know that it is a CDMA phone and not a SIM carded or GSM phone. This means you cannot use the standard SIM unlock procedures to unlock it, but rather some advanced CMDA unlocking software. Since CMDA phones often have hard locks it may be more advantageous for you to look for pre unlocked Motorola Droid’s. Otherwise there are also some professional unlocking services out there that may offer to unlock your Motorola Droid.

If you want to learn more about this new mobile phone, check out these full Motorola Droid specs, otherwise post your own Motorola review or comments below at the bottom of this article.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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27 thoughts on “Unlock Motorola Droid from Verizon

  1. hi can u guys gimme the url or site so i can download the software because my friend said this was a good place to ask so could i please have it..

  2. I need help unlocking my droid motorola from verizon phone, can you please help me by sending me the code to download the software,please……

  3. I need help unlocking my droid motorola from verizon phone, can you please help me by sending me the code to download the software,please……

  4. Hi, now that is legal to unlock a smarthphone. Is it possible to unlock a Verizon Droid CDMA? Any help is really appreciated.

  5. For all those who are trying to unlock Motorola Droid.

    There are lot of ways in unlocking Motorola Droid.
    Remember, for all phones there are limited number of attempts for entering unlock code.
    Exceeding the limits may of course result in hard locking of the cell phone.
    Beware of the fact that you will come across free codes(fakes most) in the web.
    But yes you will find real ones too. However pay some money n get the real codes.
    Don’t take risk.

  6. I bought this phone online and the person I bought it off of didnt give me the Google username or password and now they wont return my phone calls what do I do? Its a Motorola Droid model#: A855 Pleae help me out if you can.

    thanks, Silla

  7. My Motorola Droid was stolen 2 days ago. I had GPS tracking software on it but that went dead a few hours after it was taken. I was under the impression my phone could not be activated and used by others but after reading numerous forums it seems there is unlocking CDMA software out there that will allow whoever took my phone to have it unlocked and then ready to be used by someone else.


    Anybody know if once the phone is reactivated by someone else my apps will still run and my GPS locator software will kickin again and tell me where the phone is? I was using http://www.instamapper.com and had it configured to run in the background and start up automatically whenever the battery was removed, reinstalled and the Droid was powered up again.

  8. hi, i have this droid phone that i need unlock…can you please give me the code to the software…please i need my phone for important calls…or is there another way to get around it…

  9. Hi I live in Costa Rica, and I found in a bus a motorola Devour Blur CDMA technology, initially had many aplicasiones but after 4 or 5 days seems to have been locked, the wi-fi stops working, I try unlocked in different ways but did not work, so I reset to factory level and now it works but every time I run it restarts again from zero.
    I have to use the code # # bluroff to start because it always asks me to call verizon but the country does not have verizon service any more, so I’d like to unlock it even if not covered, for use with Skype and other technologies, thanks for your help and do not allow the system to the trap you in the box, be free of mind. PURA VIDA! and thanks again!

  10. The Blackberry Bold 9780 by t-mobile isn’t going to have a camera. Why is anyone in that production chain alerting the top guys that a camera on a smart phone in particularly is mandatory. SMH.

  11. T-Mobile is launching a new tethering plan. The 4G arms race is really starting to heat up.

  12. I need help unlocking my droid motorola from verizon phone, can you please help me by sending me the code to download the software,please……

  13. ok so i bought a droid off some person and he didnt give me the google password or email,and now im stuck with a locked phone!what can i do?

  14. I have a Verizon driod HTC Incredible phone it is not a sim card phone i belive its a cdma , I want to unlock the phone so i can use it with whom ever i wish prepiad or not it should be my choice where can i get this done with out out all the horse crap games

  15. The unlock code for Motorola Droid is available. I have already unlocked my Droid. I bought my code from a unlock provider on internet.

    Don’t use free codes coz i think Droid has only 3 or 5 chances to enter the code. Click this web link for reading more about unlocking your phone.

  16. cant unlock my droid i want to use my same password and user id

  17. I’m also looking for how to unlock my droid motorola from verizon phone, can you please help me by sending me the code to download the software,please……

  18. For the one that did not know the google password. Just create a new google gmeil account and erase the old one. For those of you who lost a phone logon to gmail and change your password and the stolen phones marketplace and gmail will stop working.

  19. hi i bought a droid but the person didnt give me any password of ho to unlock the phone so im stock with a lock phone what can i do? and thank you for ur help

  20. Are you trying to unlock the user interface of your phone on the Android OS? Or are you trying to unlock the phone to use with other carriers? If you need to unlock the interface I am not sure, but you could probably call up the manufacturer or search google.

  21. Looking for an unlock code or instructions on how to unlock the original motorola droid from verizon to use at att

  22. hey im replying to mainly Priscilla but also to anybody that has a phone that they bought from somone and it says to log into the gmail account. If you have that problem you need to turn the phone off.
    You will need to press the “x” key onthe keypad and the power switch at the same time until a yellow triangle appears. after you see that you will press the camera buttton and the volume keys togetther until you get the menu to reboot or restore. Thanks! hope that i can help someone bcuz i had the same problem and got it fixed

  23. I have an older Verizon Motorola Droid. it has no sims card. I would like to use it with a Boostmobile. Is there a code to get it unlocked? I’ve looked at almost every internet site and have been told no. Can someone help me?
    Thank You,
    Tammy L. Odell

  24. Hello !!!

    I have a droid Motorola from VZ.
    My kids lock it and I don’t remember my google account or password, can someone help me to unlocked..

  25. I want help unlocking my mortola droid phone please? A friend gave me her phone and I can’t really use it and I want to turn it into a prepaid phone. Can you please help me?

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