Unlock Apple iPhone 4 with Unlock Code

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Apple iPhone 4 UnlockedUnlocking a Apple iPhone 4 will not work using an unlock code. However, any Apple iPhone 4 unlocked mobile phone should work on whichever phone networks or carrier you desire. The information below is only true for GSM or SIM card based version of the iPhone. (Update: If you have a CDMA version, you should check out this unlocking tool instead.)

Getting a free Apple iPhone 4 unlock code is possible, so I would first contact your phone carrier’s support line and request one. Sometimes they will give you one for free and in exchange will need your Apple iPhone 4′s IMEI number. You can get this number by typing *#06# on your iPhone keypad and then hitting enter. If you cannot attain a free Apple unlocking code, then you should review some of the unlock code websites I have provided below.

You should now be able to use your unlock code and the steps below to fully unlock your Apple iPhone 4 to other carriers.

How To Unlock iPhone 4G

1. Turn on your Apple iPhone 4 with an unaccepted SIM card.
2. The iPhone should now request the unlock code or request a password of some sort.
3. Now enter your unlock code.
4. Your Apple iPhone 4 may reboot and should now be completely unlocked.

Also keep in mind that if your Apple iPhone is not a GSM cell phone, then these instructions will not work. However, I am pretty sure that at the moment only GSM or SIM card based iPhones exist. Anyway, good luck unlocking the new Apple iPhone 4G and just leave a comment below if you need some additional help or tips.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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20 thoughts on “Unlock Apple iPhone 4 with Unlock Code

  1. Hi I have iphone that doesn’t work so I cancel my contract with Rogers.I asked them for an unlock code but they wouldn’t sell or give me one ,so here’s what I don’t so far.
    I took out the sin card and typed in *#06# and receive back this number 011743006504338.
    Can anyone help me unlock this phone? I want to go to telus who does have services in this area.
    If you can give me infor with instructions, I ll help someone else with the same kindness.

  2. What is the difference between GSM and SIM? What will happen if I can’t get the code from the person after doing the required steps? Will the contract still hold if I can’t get the code and unlock it? How many characters in the unlock code? Finally, do I have to pay the contract if I can’t get the code?

  3. GSM is a type of network that cell phones are run on. The GSM network makes use of SIM cards to enable it’s service. There are other phone carriers like Verizon Wireless who are not on the GSM network and do not need SIM card’s in their cell phones (but may still have slots for them). If you cannot get a free unlock code, then you can get one for your iPhone 4G at one of the unlock code services listed above, etc. The contract you have with the phone carrier is separate from unlocking it. Good luck Gill and hope this helps!

  4. *#06# just displays your IMEI which is on the back of the phone anyway, also you dont need to tap call when you dial *#06#, i dont think has anything to do with unlocking.

  5. Hi, i bought the iphone 4 from someone who said the iphone is unlocked. However, when i put my micro sim card in the slot of iphone it reads as ‘simcard invalid’ or ‘no service.’ What does this mean? Does it mean its sim locked so no other service provider/carrier/user can use it? The micro sim card works fine on my old phone with the adapter.

  6. That usually means the cell phone is locked to a particular carrier. You could try calling up your carrier to see what they say. Does the cell phone ask you for an unlock code or anything similar?

  7. hi ,
    i am planing to purchase a at&t carrier apple iphone 4g through ebay which i want to use it in india can u guide me whether this unlock code will work for me ?

  8. iPhone(s) CANNOT be unlock with an “Unlock Code”!!!! if anything, it may be done through iTunes (Official carrier unlock), or done with a jailbroke phone with Cydia and something like Ultrasn0w !

    the is no “code”……..

  9. The information in this article is 100% completely WRONG!

    Apple does not unlock their phones with a CODE.

    Apple phones can be officially unlocked by the official carrier they were sold for. That carier is given access to an Apple database on their itunes activation server that lists all the IMEI serial numbers of phones and which carrier they have been locked to. The official carrier has the ability to remove phones from their locked database and move them to the unlocked phone database. This is the only method to officially and permanently unlock the iphone. All other methods are hacks bypassing the software security of the phone and are not official. Using a hacking method to unlock your phone is fine but you will not be supported by Apple and any future operating system update you apply to your phone will re-lock your phone back to the original carrier again.

    If you want your iphone unlocked officially you must request this from your carrier. They are the only ones who can make the back end database change. If your carrier does not offer the service to unlock their iphone customers hardware then you have no other choice but to use a hacking method. Apple cannot break the contract they have with their official carriers and unlock phones without the carriers permission. Your only other choice to get an officially unlocked iphone would be to buy one directly from Apple in countries where Apple sells the phones unlocked when bought at full price. (Canada, Mexico, etc)

    Placing another carriers SIM card in your iphone will NOT prompt for any codes, it simply shows no service and when you plug the phone into itunes it will say you have inserted an invalid SIM card.

  10. I bought the iphone 4 overseas, now I return home without using the sim.
    for me please unlock iphone 4: Imei: 012651000463980
    thank you very much!

  11. I was wondering once a iphone 4 is unlocked by the carrier through the apple database, can it be locked again? Is it possible for the carrier to lock the iphone after unlocking it…..

  12. My guess would be that it could be locked again, but if using any method similar to the above, you would be able to just re-unlock it if that became a problem. Usually just like their is a combination to remove the restrictions on the phone, there is another code to re-sim lock the device. I do not have an iPhone 4 GSM however, can’t say for sure.

  13. IfI buy iPhone 4G in America. Can I use it with a carrier like in Indonesia, Australia or the others.

  14. Hey, So i bought an Iphone off one of my friends (its an Iphone4) and he said it was through Optus. so i bought an Optus sim but when i put the sim inside the iphone and connect it to itunes it says it needs the SIM It came with or the same sim type it had before. I’m confused here . Its obvious to me he lied. But i want to know. Where should i go to get it Unlocked so i can use it with the Optus Pre-Paid sim i purchased? If anyone can help me out with this i’d be very Grateful thanks .

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