Steps To Remove HTC Evo Battery

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HTC Evo 4G Battery RemovalThis tutorial has steps on how to remove your HTC Evo 4G’s battery. Although, this may seem like a simple thing to do, many new HTC smartphones are getting more and more complex. Like many other HTC cell phones, the HTC Evo has a small gap or hinge located on the top back of the device. It is often helpful to get a flat head screw driver or something that has an elongated flat surface on it. Otherwise, using your fingernail should work just fine.

  1. Hold the HTC Evo 4G face down in your hand.
  2. With the other hand, use the flathead screwdriver or your fingernail and insert into the small gap.
  3. Now use your hand like a lever until the back plate pops off.
  4. Remove the back plate to see your HTC EVO battery. (It should be red).
  5. Again use your fingernail/screwdriver to pop out the battery and your done!

Removing the battery from your phone can often be necessary when trying to find your IMEI number, trying to replace your battery, or checking your HTC Evo’s serial number. If you have any additional tips that could help other users, please post them below.

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