Samsung T669 Gravity T Specifications

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Samsung T669 Gravity TThe Samsung T669 Gravity T is a new GSM phone available through T-Mobile. The specifications for the Samsung T669 Gravity T are pretty substantial and since its a GSM or SIM card based mobile device, it can also be able to be unlocked and used on any network that uses GSM phones. The Gravity T is a slider giving you easy access to the full QWERTY keyboard.

Samsung T669 Gravity T Specifications

  • Accelerometer sensor
  • 16 gig microSD
  • 2 MP Camera
  • Google maps GPS
  • 184 MHz processor
  • 6 hours of talk time
  • MP3 Player
  • Bluetooth

The Samsung T699 Gravity T in conclusions looks like it will be a decent beginners phone and make sure you keep checking for an unlock guide for this phone we will have one soon. As always please leave questions or user reviews and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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3 thoughts on “Samsung T669 Gravity T Specifications

  1. How can I get it phone Samsung gravity?how price with sent to my country(Indonesia),please reply..

  2. I got this phone just recently… I think it’s great! The box didn’t come with a User Manual (must download it from Internet) or any USB Data cable, so I was concerned how I was going to transfer ringtones and pictures to this phone…I found out that you can transfer songs from iTunes to the phone via Bluetooth! As long as the songs are MP3. If not, (i.e. they are .aiff, .m4v or whatever) they won’t work. I downloaded Real Player Converter (I have a iMac computer) which converts music files to MP3 then all you need to do is use Bluetooth to transfer it to your phone! You can use your music as an individual Ringtone! I think this phone is very good!
    Personally, I love the iPhone, however, here in Canada the rate plans are ridiculous so it’s better to get a regular (not smartphone) mid level phone like the Gravity t669 and buy an iPod Touch to use to check your emails and surf etc. for free!

  3. personally i love the phone but here in Ghana it very difficult if not impossible to connect the with this phone by any of the service providers here just because the have no browser setting in which you can set the needed network manually

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