Root a HTC Aria for Free

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HTC Aria RootedRooting you HTC Aria for free is really easy. You can quickly gain all of your phones root access capabilities like WiFi tether, along with various roms of your choice.

Below are the simple steps it will take you to root your HTC Aria.

How To Root Your HTC Aria

  1. Download The latest version of Unrevoked from Here
  2. connect your phone to your computer via USB
  3. Linux or Mac should be all set on the drivers; Windows need’s to install the drivers called HBOOT
  4. Run the app!! and ENJOY!!

Attention! Rooting your phone always has the possibility of bricking your phone. Root at your own RISK! Please leave a comment below if you need additional helps or tips.

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3 thoughts on “Root a HTC Aria for Free

  1. I ran the ROOT app from my storage card in my phne however its still seem to be same as before.

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