How To Remove Nokia N97 Battery Cover

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Nokia N97 Battery CoverTrying to remove the battery cover on your Nokia N97? Many users get frustrated when trying to figure out how to remove the battery from their N97, because it can sometimes take quite a bit of effort. First off, don’t be afraid of breaking the plastic cover on your Nokia N97, as it should be quite durable. Additionally, it might be useful to get a screwdriver or similar device to aid your in the removal of the back cover. This is often the case if you have short fingernail such as myself. Anyway, just simply follow the steps we have provided in the guide below to begin:

  1. Hold the phone face down, with the battery cover facing up.
  2. Place fingernail in slot/gap at bottom of the phone.
  3. Now leverage and snap the back cover off. (again this plastic should be quite durable – just don’t hurt yourself!).
  4. The Nokia N97 battery should now be visible and you can simply take it out!

This guide is also useful, if your trying to find different identification numbers on your phone, such as the IMEI number or serial number. Good luck and thanks for reading our tutorial!

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