Nokia C7 Unlocked with Unlock Code

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Nokia C7 UnlockedA Nokia C7 unlocked will be able to work on any SIM card network. Although the Nokia C7 has not been released yet, we have included information that should help you unlock this new Nokia smartphone when it is out. In order to fully unlock your Nokia C7 you will need to an unlock code. This unlock code will remove the SIM lock that comes on many SIM based Nokia cell phones by default. Once this SIM lock is removed, you will be free to use your Nokia C7 with any GSM or SIM card based mobile phone carrier you wish.

Getting an unlock code can be free often if you call up your Nokia C7 phone carrier’s support line. Request an unlock code and in exchange they will need your phone’s IMEI number, which on a Nokia C7 you can simply get by typing *#06# and hitting send or enter on your keypad. Your Nokia C7′s IMEI number is used to calculate your Nokia unlocking code. If you do not currently have a carrier or cannot get a free one, then I would suggest you review some of the unlock code websites I have provided later in this guide.

How To Unlock A Nokia C7

Here are the steps to follow to unlock your Nokia C7 to all GSM mobile phone carriers and networks:

1. Power ON your Nokia mobile phone without your SIM card.
2. Now type: #PW+CODE+1# (Where CODE is your Nokia unlock code)
3. Your phone should now show “SIM Restriction Off” and is unlocked.

Note: You must press the * key several times to get the characters for ‘P’ and ‘W’.

If you have any questions or comments about the Nokia C7 unlocked, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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17 thoughts on “Nokia C7 Unlocked with Unlock Code

  1. How could i get a free unlock code for my C7.
    I have been on the 2 websites that you advised us, but they aren’t free :(

    Any chance to get one free :)

    Many thanks for your help


  2. If you purchased your Nokia C7 from a cell phone carrier, you should be able to call them up and request one, using the instructions above. Good luck!

  3. i have not understood the point number 2nd”Where CODE is your Nokia unlock code”
    will you plz guide me?

  4. Basically in place of the text “CODE” you need to type the 8-digit restriction code that you recieve from your phone carrier or the online store that you purchased the code. Good luck akash!

  5. Hello I have a Nokia C7 phone, and I would like to unlocked I have the IMEI number, where I can download the software to install it in my computer and unlock the phone.

    Thank you

  6. Hi Octavio. I am not sure if there currently is any type of unlocking software for the Nokia C7. Most online generators or software for the Nokia handsets work with only older models. If you do find something that does work for the C7, please post it on here. Thanks!

  7. i was trying this steps several time but it give me ” not allowed ” what can i do ?

  8. Have you ensured that you have the SIM/GSM version of the Nokia C7. You should be able to confirm this by checking to make sure you have an IMEI number on the back of your battery, or by typing *#06# on your device. If nothing appears, then this probably is an indicator that you have a CDMA Nokia C7 and cannot use any of the methods above to unlock your handset. However, if you are given an IMEI number, then you should be able to use the instructions above to unlock. It is possible by saying “Not Allowed” that there is also some kind of master lock code that needs to be removed as well. For any lock of this type, you should be able to contact the manufacturer (Nokia) or the cell carrier and get that information from them. I hope this helps, sorry I could provide a fixable answer for this. Please continue to let us know whether this helped you or if you learn any more useful information for unlocking the Nokia C7. Thanks Sandy!

  9. I am very very sorry to tell you guys that my phone did not open… I hope you could find me a solution for my problem. The real problem is that my phone has a security code, but i can not manage to open it. I hope that you could give me a solution as fast as possible. Thankyou very very much….

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