Nokia C3 Unlocked using Unlock Code

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Nokia C3 UnlockedA Nokia C3 unlocked mobile phone works on all GSM networks. The Nokia C3 needs a Nokia unlock code in order to remove the SIM lock that comes on most SIM based cell phones by default. If your Nokia C3 has a SIM lock on it, then it will prevent you from using the mobile phone with any other carriers.

I would first recommend you try getting a Nokia C3 restriction code by calling up your current phone carrier. In exchange, they will need your Nokia C3′s IMEI number. Your IMEI is unique to your mobile device and the Nokia unlock code will be calculated using it. You can get the IMEI number on your Nokia C3 simply by typing *#06# and hitting the enter or send button. If you do not currently have a carrier or cannot get a free unlock code, then I would reccomend trying some of the unlock code websites that I have reviewed below.

Once you have your unlock code, you can begin the Nokia C3 unlocking steps below.

How To Unlock A Nokia C3 (SIM Unlock)

1. Power ON your Nokia mobile phone without your SIM card.
2. Now type: #PW+CODE+1# (Where CODE is your Nokia unlock code)
3. Your phone should now show “SIM Restriction Off” and is unlocked.

Note: You must press the * key several times to get the characters for ‘P’ and ‘W’.

If you would like to learn more about the Nokia C3 cell phone, then try reviewing some of the other related reviews below. Enjoy!

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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32 thoughts on “Nokia C3 Unlocked using Unlock Code

  1. How do i unlock my Nokia C3? bought it in london with vodafone sim card, could not use it in nigeria with other sim card. Thank you.

  2. I have the unlock code for the Nokia C3. When I try to unlock it and put in # then try to get the P and W letters by pressing the star button several times all I get are the star symble * no letters appear.
    Can anyone tell me what I should do.

  3. Hey David, have you tried doing it without your SIM card in. Additionally, ensure you have a GSM or SIM card based version of the Nokia C3, such as the one released through Vodafone. Other then that it should work, as I have even seen Vodafone admins telling users it is possible. Hope this helps and good luck!

  4. does it works with rogers coz i tried many many times i dont get any letters like P or W but i get U letter only..what should i do?

  5. Hmm… Has anyone tried calling up Rogers and asking them about this? Did you guys end up getting your unlock code from them?

  6. You will need to either request one from your current phone carrier, or I would suggest using some of the unlock code services listed in the article. Good luck.

  7. Every Nokia C3 is going to have a unlock code that is unique to that cell phone. You cannot use another cell phone’s unlock code. Entering multiple incorrect unlock codes (3 or more) can actually lock your device. I would not recommend doing this, but rather trying to get a free Nokia unlock code from the cell phone carrier, otherwise I would try checking out this website. Good luck!

  8. How do i unlock my Nokia C3? bought it here in the uk with vodafone sim card, could not use it in africa with other sim card. To get it unlocked here it will cost me £50 which is nearly the price of the phone.someone help
    Thank you.

  9. Mow, Susan, Tashi – we’re all on the same boat.

    I have a Nokia C3-00 and when I try to enter the code after taking the sim card out, I get an error saying that I cannot make calls as the phone is in in-flight mode.

  10. Have you tried turning the in-flight (airplane) mode off when making calls? Additionally, your cell phone may automatically go into this mode when it detects no SIM card is in, so you may need to switch this setting. You will also need to have your new foreign SIM card in the phone for it to actually start making calls. Just entering a foreign SIM card into your cell phone can sometimes be enough to force the GSM phone to ask for your unlock code, as it’ll know the phone is locked to a different carrier’s SIM card. Hope this tips and ideas help you unlock your Nokia C3. Good luck!

  11. i have c3 phone which is vodophone, i need unlock code, i think it is country lock, please guide me to unlock my phone

  12. Hi,
    I bought a Nokia G3 and want to unlock it so I won’t have to use the rogers proprietary chat (IM) feature. Rogers prevents the phone from accessing MSN and Yahoo IM. I am also hoping to get the latest firmware, which I am positive isn’t supported by Rogers. The phone has version 3.35 but there’s a later update. Will unlocking it help with these issues? Thanks!

  13. Hi Tracy. I am not sure if it will unlock that feature. By unlocking the phone in this article it means basically removing the SIM lock and allowing you to use the phone with any carrier. It is possible that feature may not even work if its a Rogers proprietary feature. Good luck, hope this helps you.

  14. Hi have a nokia C3, becasue of my kids i activated the phome security with i 2 3 4 5, now i can’t unlock my phone! Could it be that the kids tried to unlock it and now i have to enter something else???

  15. Often times on the lock screen or menu screen it will say the carrier you currently have service from and whether you are roaming or not. So basically if you are not roaming, you can check what it says for your carrier(Verizon Wireless, Sprint, etc). Otherwise, you may not have a phone carrier yet. Did you ever activate the cell phone with a phone number, etc?

  16. i mistakely used a wronged code to unlock my Nokia c3 instead of using my normal code 9996, pls i need a help.

  17. go to settings – security – access codes – change security code – type in “12345#” and then enter new securty code.

  18. i bought a nokia c3 from usa at AT&T server. so now i want to use it in india. how can i unlock my mobile?

  19. im a cellhpone tecnician, i can unlock a cellphone NOKIA C3 and others with a software that creates the exactly password and code to unlocked it and use the cell with any carrier all around the world..

  20. In short yes. Since the Nokia C2 is also a GSM handset in most countries, you should be able to use the tutorial above and basically do the exact same thing but for the C2 instead. Let me know if you do have any success with this or what issues you might encounter. Good luck!

  21. Wat is d security code of Nokia c3-00? I tried the default code i.e. 12345 n also tried 12345#. It displays code error… I’m not able to change d security code… Plz help me out.

  22. PS: He got the phone from the UK and seems to be a Vodafone Package. There is a red vodafone sim in box and little booklet.

  23. If i buy the Vodafone Nokia C3 Prepaid Mobile Phone and put a telstra prepaid sim card will it work? do i do these steps or what?

  24. How do i unlock my Nokia C3? bought it in croatia with croatia sim card, could not use it in Bosnia and Herzegovina with other sim card. Thank you. ???

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