Nokia 5230 Unlocked With Unlock Code

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Nokia 5230 UnlockedAn unlocked Nokia 5230 will work on any phone network. Unlocking a Nokia 5230 with an unlock code only takes a few steps. This Nokia unlock guide contains free instructions to unlock your Nokia 5230 as well as some methods to get a free unlock code. Let’s get started!

All GSM or SIM based Nokia 5230 phone’s come with a SIM lock be default that prevents them from being used with other phone carriers. The instructions in this article will remove that SIM lock. However, in order to use these instructions you will need an unlock code for your 5230. Fortunately, many phone carrier’s such as AT&T as well as T-Mobile will give you a free unlock code if you call up their support line and request one. In exchange they will request your Nokia 5230′s IMEI number which you can attain by typing *#06# on your phone. Once you have your free unlock code you can use the following steps to get your very own Nokia 5230 unlocked!

How To Unlock Nokia 5230

1. Power on your Nokia 5230
2. Type #PW+UNLOCKCODE+1# (Where UNLOCKCODE is your unlock code you acquired earlier)
3. Your Nokia 5230 phone should say “SIM Restriction Off”

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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27 thoughts on “Nokia 5230 Unlocked With Unlock Code

  1. hello there, i tried to unlock my 5230 nokia phone using the codes from some websites but unfortunaelly i put it three times and it was rejected so i do not know now how to unlock the phone to be used in egypt network instead of the T mobile one which was used in USA
    thank you so mucjh for your patience

  2. Hi,
    I;m trying to unlock my mobile, but when i go to the dial pad i don’t get any letters. So, I can’t follow the steps sugested.
    I’m going to the dial pad just pressing telephone, or just pressing the green bottom.

    Can you please explain me how to get the dial pad with letters, so that I can include the PW that I need to write together with the code to unclock my mobile?

    Thanks a lot

  3. i want to unlock 5230, i did #PWUnlockcode1# or #PW+Unlockcode+1# ( do i Put (+) or not and what i do after # call or automatically reply.


  4. You must enter the addition (+) symbols and the cell phone should automatically display a message and then reboot, once you type in that sequence. Good luck imtiaz!

  5. are the pw in uppercase automatically after pushing * key 3 times for p and 4 times for w

  6. Hi, a friend of mine recently sent me a Nokia 5230 mobile from UK , problem is that it is locked to the UK network . I need help to unlock it so I can use it in Malawi, everytime i put in my zain/tnm sim card it displays “unrecognised sim card”. Please help me. My Phone Code is:0596129 and My IMEI Number is:359351037530338

  7. @Allen, can you have your friend call up his phone carrier from the UK for you and request an unlock code? If not then you can try this website to get an unlock code for it that will allow you to use other SIM cards like the one you have. Good luck!

  8. I bought anokia 5230 Nav mobile and it is locked on Virgin Network,can you send me the codes to unlock it please Thanks JOE

  9. I do not have a way to calculate any unlock codes for the Nokia 5230, however calling up your phone carrier or visiting some of the services listed on this site, such as HERE, should help you get one. Sorry I wish I could help you more.

  10. It worked exactly as u wrote, displayed “SIM Restriction Off” & then restarted automatically… Thanks a mill!!

  11. Hi All,
    I have a nokia 5230 vodafone UK, i have requested the unlock code as well. But when i try to enter this, its telling not allowed.

    Please can any one help?

  12. I read on some Motorola unlocking instructions once that you can try leaving it at that screen for several hours (up to 8) and it will reset and then when turning back on will have to ask for the reset code or something, but not very sure, just a thought.

  13. hi i have a nokia 5230 and i want to unlock it, Can you help? I have rung my fone carriers they wont help me, i am Vodafone NZ

  14. Thanks for publishing this information. I got the code from my ex. provider but apparently they dont give out the info. you published here. Thanks again!

  15. hi i have a nokia 5230 and i want to unlock it, Can you help? I am usingVodafone NL

  16. hi. I have nokia 5230 used T-mobile in USA. And i’m in mongolia and want to use it here. But i have not the code. please send me the code. IMEI code is:359341031693620 And code must be unlock and use in operator mobicom Mongolia. thank you

  17. hi,
    i tried to unlock my 5230 nokia but i entered a typing mistake 3 times when entering the unlocking code and now the error is giving me not allowed.
    any help on how to grant a 1 more time to type my unlock code to open my mobile?

  18. I believe there is some way to reset the master lock or somthing similar on the device which should help. I will have to check on this though and post back. Otherwise, if you get anxious you can probably call up your carrier and they might have an answer for you. Thanks for your response!

  19. I think I exhausted the number of tries for my Nokia 5230(-1c called Nuron) from tmobile. Simply said, I think I hardlocked it and I dont know how to reset the counter. Can I get help on how to reset the counter using my laptop and the nokia cable (through the help of an installed software on my laptop)?
    Thank y’all!!!

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