New Netbooks To Replace Your Notebook

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Sony NetbookThese new netbooks are a class of laptops that can potentially replace your old bulky notebook. The reasoning behind these new netbooks is if your going to utilize a lot of processor then why pay for it. Essentially people need to get online, more so than they need to play games, so lets give them something that is optimized for browsing the internet but not for editing video or playing advanced games. The result is a cheap, long lasting, new gadget that can allow you to get online anytime you want to for as long as you need to.

I have found three netbooks that allow you to do this for a reasonable price:

1) Sony Vaio P - Rediculous price, excellent power for multitasking, long battery life, big screen
2) Asus Eee PC 1000HE – Good price, Best processor, 9.5 hrs battery life, extra large screen
3) Samsung NC10 Netbook – Best price, adequate processor, 6 hour battery life, decent screen size

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