Motorola DEFY Unlocked with Unlock Code

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Motorola DEFY UnlockedUnlocking a Motorola DEFY requires a Motorola unlock code. An Motorola DEFY unlocked should work on any GSM phone networks or carrier. Most GSM or SIM based cell phones come with a SIM lock which prevents them form working with unaccepted carriers. The unlock code should remove the SIM lock on your Motorola DEFY.

In order to get a Motorola DEFY unlock code, I would first contact your phone carrier’s support line and request one. Sometimes they will give you one for free and in exchange will need your Motorola DEFY’s IMEI number. You can get this number simply by entering *#06# on your phone’s keypad and then pressing enter. If you cannot attain a free Motorola unlocking code, then you should review some of the unlock code websites I have provided below.

You should now be able to use your unlock code and the steps below to fully unlock your Motorola DEFY to other carriers. Enjoy!

How To Unlock Motorola DEFY

1. Reboot your Motorola mobile phone with an unaccepted SIM card in.
*If the display reads “Enter Special Code”, enter the unlock code and press “OK”
*If the display does not read “Enter Special code”:
2. Press and hold the asterisk (*) key until an entry box is displayed.
3. Type *, #, 3, 2, # and press “OK”
4. Enter your Motorola unlock code and press “OK.”
5. Your Motorola mobile should now display either “Completed” or

The Motorola DEFY is not released yet, but we know from Motorola and other mobile sources that it will be a GSM or SIM based smartphone. Therefore, the above instructions should help you unlock it via the use of an unlocking code. Stay tuned as the phone is released and feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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2 thoughts on “Motorola DEFY Unlocked with Unlock Code

  1. I bought a tmobile defy, unlocked it and am currently using it on a Rogers network excellently, except for a few bugs

  2. Awsome josh! Were you able to get a free restriction code by calling up t-mobile or did you end up going to a third-party? Thanks for posting

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