Micro Bubbles on Zagg Invisible Shield Explained

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Before InstallationSome question the micro bubbles found on the Zagg Invisible Shield shortly after installation. I decided to write this quick guide to explain the existence of these little micro bubbles and assure you that they will normally disappear within a short period of time. Well to begin, essentially the invisible shield (any version, full body or not) from Zagg was designed to fully ad hear to your device for protection and strength. After Installing InvisibleSHIELDThis process however doesn’t occur instantly and as a result, these little air bubbles will almost always be visible to your naked eye, immediately following installation. According to the manual and many other sources however, these are only temporary as the Zagg Invisible Shield continues to ad-hear to your mobile device. In fact, this can turn out to be a benefit, as if you accidentally apply the shield crooked or mis-align it, you still have the ability to remove the InsivibleSHIELD and reapply it. I can assure you that as I found out with my device (Samsung Nexus S 4G), these will disappear within 24 to 48 hours.

I have included a short video response that you can view below to learn more. Additionally, you can review the two before and after photos that I have attached to this guide to demonstrate the difference.

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3 thoughts on “Micro Bubbles on Zagg Invisible Shield Explained

  1. Hello,
    we have another problem. I put shield just exactly by instructions, but the screen appeares to show everything strangely. It looks like when you look at old color TV from very near (you can seen separate colors – stripes of RGB). This strange picture is visible mainly on white color. But it is also visible, when cell-phone is OFF (dark screen), then it looks as very little stripes on the display.
    Is it possible, that it was caused by the lack of liquid during instalation?
    Is there any possibility to repair it somehow – remove it and stick again?

    Thank you for any advice.

    PS: I have NexusOne with Amoled.

  2. My invisible shield has 3 patches of microbubbles that haven’t dissapeared in over a week now :(

  3. It is possible not all the bubbles will disappear. If some bubbles are too big or have sufficient amounts of air in them, then it may not completely seal on that spot, leaving a small dimple.

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