HTC Evo Unlocked with Unlock Code

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HTC Evo Unlocked with Unlock Code

HTC Evo 4G UnlockedCurrently the HTC Evo 4G from Sprint is not GSM but rather CDMA and so therefore cannot be unlocked. However, if you can get an HTC Evo somewhere else someday, such as Nextal (Sprints GSM division), then you can use the instructions in this post to unlock it. An HTC Evo unlocked should work on all GSM networks. To unlock an HTC Evo, it will have to be a GSM or SIM card based version of the phone.

You can sometimes get a free unlock code by calling up your current phone carrier or provider. In exchange, they will request your IMEI number, which you can find simply by typing *#06# and hitting enter or send. If they will not give you a free unlock code, then you should check out some of the unlock code websites I have provided below this post and on this website.

Once you have a working unlock code for your HTC Evo, you are ready to unlock it! Simply follow the free steps and instructions provided below and you are done!

How To Unlock GSM HTC Evo

1. Turn on your HTC mobile phone with an unaccepted/foreign SIM card in (or no SIM card at all).
2. Now, enter your 8-digit unlock code you recieved from earlier.
3. Your HTC mobile phone should be unlocked and may automatically reboot!

If you have any information about the new HTC Evo unlocked, then please feel free to leave a review or comment below. Thank you and God bless!

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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14 thoughts on “HTC Evo Unlocked with Unlock Code

  1. can htc evo 4g be unlocked so that it may be used for the reliance cdma network in india?
    please reply.

  2. I also, have to ask the same question, as I am planning to go for HTC EVO to use relinace cdma service.
    Pl. if anybody help me out in this case at an earliest as I am going to order for the same ?

  3. Your info is wrong about the htc evo , there is no sim card in the device and nowhere to install one sprint doesnt use them . So this means there must be another way to unlock this phone . Do you have the correct way to unlock this device , please respond , thank you .

  4. Charlie, learn to read. The poster specified a GSM version of the phone. You obviously don’t have or haven’t seen the GSM version. Your comment is retarded, even if there isn’t a GSM version these instructions are for GSM phones not CDMA

  5. My htc evo does not have a sim. It requires a unlcok code to access the phone. I cannot do anything with it. How can I get the code to start get in and start using my phone

  6. there is no sim card in the HTC EVO and nowhere to install one sprint doesnt use them . So this means there must be another way to unlock this phone . Do you have the correct way to unlock this device , please respond ,

  7. @ST, @OP, HTC EVO is not available in a GSM version. Not thru’ Sprint, not thru’ Nextel, not thru’ HTC – nowhere.
    The EVO can be used on other networks, but needs to be flashed. Example, in the US, there are ROMs available for metroPCS and some other CDMA networks. I don’t know if similar ROMs are available for carriers in India – if yes, you can flash it over and it should work.

  8. hi, m cousin s cumin frm us nxt week i m planning to buy htc der can u suggest a gud modle wic works here coz htc evo nd sum won work can u plz ask nd let m know? ny htc cell wit front cam(m main feature)….plz help

  9. Calm down please. I read the orevious comments. Appsrently Sprint DOES have some htc evos with sim csrds
    I have an evo thru Sprint. I had a problem so I called tech support. They insisted that I remove the sim card. They told ne the steps and thought I was lying when I told them it only hss a battery.

  10. Hey is there anyway to unlock Sprint Evo… my phone doesn’t have a sim card… how would i unlock it in the usa..?

  11. The HTC Evo can be unlocked. The number is six digits and Sprint was kind enough to give them (I have two Evos) to me after a HUGE mess they caused. I guess maybe an intelligence level of more than a grapefruit is needed to understand CDMA’s can be used anywhere.

  12. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was totally right. You can not consider just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks man!

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