How To Unlock the LG Cookie KP500

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LG Cookie KP500 UnlockedIn this article, I will explain how to unlock your LG Cookie KP500 phone. So what is the advantage of unlocking your LG Cookie? Well, basically it will allow you to use your phone with any service provider. This will work with the LG KP500 because it is a quad band capable phone.

Alright, let’s get started with the tutorial. First note, I got the original steps from this website.

How To Unlock the LG Cookie KP500

First, Download “LG-Utils KS360 KP500 FR-EN Version 0.4.0″ from this website.

Second, Turn the phone off, connect it to your computer. The computer must install many drivers if it is the first time you connect the phone when it is off. Then, when the drivers are installed, disconnect the phone, but don’t turn it on!

Third, Extract Custom Files From The Firmware! Follow the tutorial. You have next to the file V10D.wdb an other file called slb_large_block_16_bit_paging.flb . Rename it: KP500.flb (don’t forget the .flb !!) . Paste KP500.flb on C:.

Fourth, get the STATIC_EEP partition. ThendDecompress the archive LG-Utils. Launch the program “KP500-Utils-EN”. Write N and press Entry. Write then \.USB1 then Entry. The program ask for the file sec-pack. it is the file we have renamed and copied-pasted. So write, if you have followed step by step the tutorial: C:KP500.flb. Then, for “Data file”, write : STATIC_EEP. Prepare you to connect the phone who is off. Press Entry, and connect it as fast as possible to your computer. You have this. If you don’t, make again steps 3 as well as 4. Go then in the folder of the program. There are 2 new files, a file STATIC_EEP (little file, 80Ko?) and a file STATIC_EEP.big which is bigger. Remove the file STATIC_EEP.big (it is the file STATIC_EEP with falses entries). Copy-Paste the file STATIC_EEP in C:, next to KP500.flb.

Fifth, In the program’s menu, write O. For “source file”, write C:STATIC_EEP . (you have pasted it next to KP500.flb)
An unlock code appears. Write it on a sheet of paper, and CLOSE THE PROGRAM, DON’T PRESS ANY KEY. THIS CODE IS PERSONNAL.
Disconnect the phone and turn it on. Write the nummer 2945#*71001#. A menu appears. Press “Unlock SIM” and then “Network Lock”. Give the code you got. The phone reboots, and it is now unlocked!

Once you have completed the above steps you should be able to use your LG Cookie with any of the following service providers:

  • iWireless
  • Indigo wireless
  • Farmers wireless
  • Unicell
  • Edge wireless
  • Cincinnati bell wireless
  • Quantum Wireless
  • SunCom Wireless Holdings Inc
  • Centennial Wireless
  • Wireless Alliance
  • Cingular
  • T-Mobile
  • Asian & European Carriers
  • Cellular One
  • Unionn Wireless
  • NEP wireless
  • Longline wireless

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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7 thoughts on “How To Unlock the LG Cookie KP500

  1. this method does not work for windows 7…. if someone knows how to do it on win 7 let me know please

  2. i got it working on windows vista but dont no how ive did it i was installing drivers and it all work my fone is unlocked :) now to do it to my other 3 KP500 cookies

  3. Isn’t there a similar way to unlock the LG Cookie KP500 just using the SIM unlock code? Also is there any other additional software that can be used for the mobile phone? Thanks again!

  4. My lg cookie kp500 locked with t-mobile USA. I unlocked my mobile by using unlock codes . Because it is simple and best method for unlocking. Here i got fast and best service …

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