How To Unlock Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

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Samsung I9000 Galaxy S UnlockedUnlocking the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S requires an unlock code. An Samsung I9000 Galaxy S unlocked should work on any GSM phone networks or carrier. Most GSM or SIM based cell phones come with a SIM lock which prevents them form working with unaccepted carriers. The unlock code should remove the SIM lock on your Samsung I9000 Galaxy S.

In order to get a Samsung I9000 Galaxy S unlock code, I would first contact your phone carrier’s support line and request one. Sometimes they will give you one for free and in exchange will need your Samsung I9000 Galaxy S’s IMEI number. You can get this number simply by entering *#06# on your phone’s keypad and then pressing enter. If you cannot attain a free Samsung unlocking code, then you should review some of the unlock code websites I have provided below.

You should now be able to use your unlock code and the steps below to fully unlock your Samsung I9000 Galaxy S to other carriers. Enjoy!

How To Unlock Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

1. Power on your Samsung mobile phone with an unaccepted SIM card inserted.
2. Your Samsung mobile will prompt you for a password (unlock code).
3. Enter your Samsung unlock code.

Otherwise, if your Samsung mobile phone displays “Insert Correct SIM Card” then:

1. Turn on your Samsung phone with an UNACCEPTED SIM card inserted.
2. Type: #7465625*638*CODE# (Where CODE is your Samsung unlock code.

If you would like to leave your own Samsung I9000 Galaxy S review or need some help unlocking your cell phone, then please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks and good luck!

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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16 thoughts on “How To Unlock Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

  1. Samsung Galaxy S mobile is the best creation by the Samsung comany. Samsung Galaxy S looks best in terms of design and styling in its segemnt. so I am planning to open a branch of this company as soon as possible. It gives good response.

  2. The samsung 19000 is a great phone with many apps and I consider it better than any Apple effort.However Nokia E 72 is far quicker to e mail with and the battery lasts far longer.My wife has exchange hers back for another Nokia E series and I am back to my reliable Nokia E 72which in my opinion is a better phone for me although it lacks the apps of the Samsung Galaxy.

  3. A Galaxy S has been sitting in my lost and found box for 2 months. I have tried to use it to call a number in it in hopes of locating its owner and cannot due to it being locked. It is in absolutely brand new condition. Is there a way to locate its owner and if not is there a way for me to use it?

  4. Not likely. If someone finds it and uses it with your SIM card in it, then that can be tracked, but I doubt the phone company can do that for you. Might be worth calling your phone carrier support about though. Good luck,

  5. Im planning to buy the i9000 which is the international version of the original samsung galaxy s devices, but im not sure if it is a SIM card based version. Is it required to unlock in order to function on a U.S. Carrier. Since I have T-Mobile, which only uses SIM card phones, will it work without unlocking it?

  6. Great question! So the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S should be a GSM or SIM-card based cell phone as far as all the specifications I have reviewed. The Samsung I9000 was actually made for Chinese markets so your mention of international version makes sense. None the less, as long as the device your looking to buy says somthing about it being GSM such as “GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900″, then you should be fine. In fact, the cell phone may come unlocked already, but if not, then you can get an unlock code for it for at a cheap price. If you have a T-Mobile SIM card already, then you can just inserting it and getting service. If it doesnt work or asks for an unlock code, then you’ll have to get an unlock code as stated earlier. Good luck Angel, hope this helps you!

  7. Hi,
    My problem is that the samsung galaxy S phone was locked when my daughter wanted to use the phone but could not do so as i passworded it. A series of incorrect entries made the phone to lock itself . I cannot unlock the phone now as it continues to ask for my gmail address which even when given refused to unlock the phone Can someone help. Thanks

  8. Hi there, i have a question? if I unlock it, all the functions based on 3g are going to be ok? also wifi? we know that the I9000 supports the UMTS services and here only mention GSM bands. thank you for your help.

  9. Hi,
    I am wondering if you would still be under warranty and valid for upgrade if you unlock the samsung galaxy s?

  10. I have purchased a galaxy S (brand new one out) off ebay. I have placed my own sim in the phone (an optus sim) as galaxy S is and optus phone. I can turn the phone on, go through everything on there but as soon as i try to ring or message off the phone its displays a message saying “data can not be found or data can not be connected”. Does this mean this phone may still be locked into someone else contract?

  11. Generally you need some kind of data plan to use some features on smartphones like the Galaxy S, unless you taking advantage of the WiFi. So I would suggest calling up your current carrier and making sure they have a compatible plan etc. But the easiest way to know if your phone is locked or not is just by trying to make a phone call. If your able to make any phone calls with your new sim card, then the SIM lock must be turned off. Good luck.

  12. Hi, my brother tried unlocking my phone 20 times, and because of that he has locked my phone (not my sim) and i am unable to do anything on my phone, its asking me for my gmail email and password, i have done it and still locked with no result. I have tried contacting optus, they say its googles problem not theres. So now the only option im left with is to factory reset my galaxy s i1900. Any suggestions?

  13. here is a simple tutorial with an automated .bat file that unlocks any Samsung galaxy s I9000 on any firmware

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