How To Unlock Samsung Gravity T459

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Samsung Gravity T459 Phone

Unlocking a Samsung Gravity T459 is just as easy as unlocking any other T-Mobile phone. In this tutorial, I will give you the steps on how to unlock your Samsung Gravity completely free. However, before we can get started, you must acquire an unlock code for your Samsung T459. Again, this is easy, since T-Mobile will give you an unlock code in exchange for your phone’s IMEI number. Let’s take a look:

How To Get An Unlock Code From T-Mobile

1. Power on your Samsung Gravity and type *#06#
2. The first 15 digits that get output is your IMEI number.
3. Give this IMEI number to T-Mobile support for your unlock code.

Alright, now that you have acquired your unlock code for your Samsung Gravity, let’s start the Samsung unlocking:

How To Unlock Your Samsung Gravity

1. Turn on your Samsung Gravity without the SIM card inside.
2. Now type in #7465625*638*UNLOCK_CODE#
Where UNLOCK_CODE represents your 8 digit unlock code. (Warning: Entering more then 3 incorrect unlock codes, may permanently lock your phone!)
3. If everything worked, your phone will say “Network Lock Deactivated”

That’s it! Now you have yourself an unlocked Samsung Gravity T459. If you are still having trouble, try checking out the article where I found these steps. Otherwise, you can try using the search form provided at the top-right of this website to learn more. Good luck and God bless!

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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24 thoughts on “How To Unlock Samsung Gravity T459

  1. I have tried everything on my T459. I called tmobile and was told since i am with AT&T i need to find someone who has a T-MOBILE ACCOUNT THEN THEY CAN CALL FOR A UNLOCK CODE. Please help i want this phone to work so i can give to my daughter when she is away from home. thank you

  2. hey very interesting your post, but I am not in the U.S. so we can’t have the unlock code,i dont know if u can provide me with that code cause t-mobile has the same band than the company in my country so probably will work.

  3. I am looking to unlock my wifes samsung gravity and I am new to unlocking cell phones, she wants to know how will tmobile know her minute usage when we unlock her phone because we are looking to unlock her phone and swap with my sister-in laws blackberry from at&t. Please help me!!!!!!

  4. Hey john, if both your wife’s Samsung Gravity T459 and your sister in law’s Blackberry are with T-Mobile, then you guys can just take your current SIM card out and just swap phones, putting your SIM card in the Blackberry. T-Mobile tracks all of your usage through the SIM card. It is what identifies you on their network. If the Blackberry is however not on T-Mobile, then both phones will need to be unlocked. Once unlocked, you will put your T-Mobile SIM card into the Blackberry phone, and again T-Mobile will track all your usage, through the SIM card. I hope this helps and good luck John!

  5. Hey I was wondering how to unlock my tmobile samsung t459 gravity? I called T mobile they wont give me unlock card as i still owe them money, but i really want to use that phone…….can anybody help me?

  6. I can’t get ahold of T-Mobile so I was wondering if you could please e-mail me the unlock code it would be greatly appreciated. The IME# is 356347 02 231435 /0 02 my email is Thanks again

  7. @Tonya
    @Casey DiGianni
    Hey Guys, unfortunately since this Samsung phone is a newer model, there are not many unlock code generators available. Your best bet is to wait for T-Mobile support to pick up and get your unlock code from them. I can’t get unlock codes for you guys at this time, at least until future software is developed. Good luck!

  8. Coud you please send me the unlock code for my cell. the IMEI number is 35975902021844/001.


  9. I was wondering if you could please email me an unlock code to a TMobile Samsung Gravity SGH-T459. the IMEI is 356347/02/021682/1

  10. Could you please provide me with the unlock code, my IMEI is:


  11. I need an unlock code please , my imei is 356347/02/148518/5. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!

  12. hey , i really need a n unlock code for my gravity and t-mobile was being difficult. If anyone could email me an unlock code i would really appreciate it my imei is 353060 03 274742 /7 03
    and my email is

  13. Unlock code needed for Samsung Gravity T459 with IMEI 353061 03 223323 /6
    Any help appreciated. T-Mobil has been less than helpful for a former customer.
    Email and thank you very much in advance.

  14. im not able to unlock my phone because i dont know the eight digit code here’s my IMEI #353061/03/080825/3

  15. Are you able to give me an unlocking code for my Samsung Gravity T459 with the IMEI 353060/03/200825/9. T-Mobile has not helped me with finding this code. Email Thank you in advance.

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