How To Unlock Nokia 6350

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Unlocked Nokia 6350Unlocking a Nokia 6350 requires a Nokia unlock code. With a unlocked Nokia 6350 you can use this mobile phone with any phone network you want to. Essentially, all Nokia phones with SIM cards also have what is called a SIM lock. This SIM lock will prevent your Nokia 6350 from working on any other phone network besides the one you bought it from. Unlocking only takes a few steps and you can usually get a free Nokia unlock code by following some of the methods stated in this phone guide.

Once you have an unlock code for your Nokia 6350 you are ready to begin the unlock instructions provided below. Warning: Entering more than 3 incorrect unlock codes in your Nokia 6350 could permanently lock it up!

Unlock Nokia 6350 Instructions (SIM Unlock)

1. Type #PW+
2. Enter your Nokia 6350’s unlock code
3. Now type +1#
4. Your Nokia 6350 should say “SIM Restriction Off”

Now you can enjoy a fully unlocked Nokia 6350!

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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6 thoughts on “How To Unlock Nokia 6350

  1. not working at all….

    I’m also wondering if there’s a way to remove at&t preloaded program and reinstall the phone to it’s factory configuration?

  2. Bell Canada charged me $75 for getting the unloack code for the Nokia 6350. Will this unlock code work for other Bell Nokia 6350 phones?

  3. Hey DJ. I would not suggest using that unlock code to use with other Nokia 6350 cell phones. Most GSM or SIM based phones require a unique unlocking code that is calculated directly from the IMEI number on your phone. Using it with other phones will probably fail and could eventually induce a security lock. I’m glad to hear you did get your phone unlocked though. Thanks for sharing! If other people still need an unlock code, I would recommend this website, as they are very cheap and reliable.

  4. Hey ralph…please you help me with the nokia 6350 Unlock Code please…i really need it to unlock mine thank you..

  5. Hey DJ
    Is the Master Security Code what I need to unlock my 6350?
    How many #s in the code?
    Once you have the code, what is the procedue to unlock the phone?

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