How To Unlock Nokia 1661

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Unlock Nokia 1661This Nokia guide shows how to unlock a Nokia 1661 for free. A Nokia 1661 unlock code is required before you can begin however. You can try to get a free Nokia unlock code for your Nokia 1661 a few ways. Below I have listed a some methods:

Finding A Free Nokia 1661 Unlock Code

  • Call Your Phone Carrier’s Support – A lot of people overlook this option and simply dismiss it. Although some phone carriers will not give you a free unlock code, there are many that will including: T-Mobile and AT&T. If you tell them you are planning on traveling abroad with your Nokia 1661 they will be more likely to help you out. In addition, most phone carriers require that you have had a contract with them for more then 3 months before they will give you a free unlock code for your Nokia 1661.
  • Unlock Code Generators – There are a tons of free unlock code generators that you can try using. Although not all of them will work with your particular phone model here is a few unlock code generators worth checking out: Unlock Nokia Free and Nokia Dct4 Code generator.
  • Download Free Unlocking Software – You could also try downloading some unlock software that will calculate an unlock code for your phone that will help to unlock it. Although using this method, may sometimes require special cables, etc. You can check out these downloads for more information.

Getting Your Nokia 1661′s IMEI Number

In order to get your free unlock code for your Nokia 1661, you will probably need your phone’s IMEI number. You can find your Nokia 1661′s IMEI number by simply typing *#06# and hitting enter. Your 15-digit IMEI number will then be displayed on the phone’s screen.

Anyway, now that you have your phone’s unlock code, you can start the unlock process. This is actually probably the easiest part of unlocking your phone. I took these steps from my original phone guide on How To Unlock A Nokia Phone. Here are the steps:

Unlock A Nokia 1661

1. Type #PW+
2. Enter your unlock code (Warning: Entering more then 3 incorrect unlock codes may permanently lock your phone!)
3. Now type +1#
4. Your Nokia 1661 cell phone should say “SIM Restriction Off”

You should now have yourself a fully unlock Nokia 1661! You can now use your phone with any phone carrier or network your choose :).

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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9 thoughts on “How To Unlock Nokia 1661

  1. I think Ashcz is right for the most part. Right now most of the Nokia unlock code generators do not appear to have support for the Nokia 1661 yet. I think the best method by far is the first one. Getting an unlock code from your phone carrier. If you are at difficult situation with your carrier however, you can look to purchasing a cheap unlock code, which is not desired but will at least work guaranteed. I would recommend this website for anyone considering purchasing an unlock code. Good luck to all and thanks for your guys’ input. Make sure you check out the new forum!

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  3. When it comes to prepaid phones, manufacturers make mostly entry level handsets. Nokia 1661 is a basic phone from T-Mobile. There is nothing special about the design and this device is made just for making calls. I won’t recommend using this as your primary phone simply because it is seriously lacking in features.

  4. Hello, I just got the unlock code from my carriers but somehow I don’t know how to enter it. I try #PW+ but nothing happens. Would you please tell me how to enter the code and unlock the phone? Thank you very much

  5. Hi, I have the “SIM Restriction Off” annoucement after entering the unlock code provided by T-Mobile. However, my phone doesn’t have any signal at all with the new SIM, could you please show me how to fix this? Thank you very much.

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