How To Unlock GSM Phone

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Unlock GSM PhoneThis phone guide shows how to unlock code. Many manufactures including: Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, and LG make GSM cell phones. Unfortunately, there is no one hit kill method for unlocking these cell phones. However, below I have provided a little bit of information to help you unlock whatever phone model you might have. Let’s get started.

As stated above, you will need an unlock code before you can unlock your GSM cell phone. If you aren’t looking to spend any money and want a free unlock code I would first suggest calling up your phone carrier’s support. As long as you meet some requirements, including having service with them for over 3 months and paying your phone bill on time, they should provide you with an unlock code for free. I have had luck with both T-Mobile, as well as AT&T, but this doesn’t not always work with all cell phone providers. You may even want to tell them you are planning on traveling abroad and will be needing your phone, etc. If this method does not work you can try using an unlock code calculator. There are several free ones online including this unlock code calculator as well as this Samsung Unlock Code Calculator. If you are having trouble getting an unlock code try reading my previous phone guides for getting free unlock codes from Nokia, Samsung, or LG.

Regardless of how you choose to get an unlock code for your GSM phone, you will need to provide your phone’s IMEI number to calculate it. Your phone’s IMEI number is basically just an identification number for your cell phone. You can find it on all GSM or SIM based phones by simply typing: *#06# and hitting enter. Your phone will then output a 15-digit code, which is your IMEI number.

Once you have your unlock code you can start unlocking your GSM phone for free! This is probably the easiest step in the entire process. However, you must take care not to enter more then 3 incorrect unlock codes, as this could permanently lock your phone. If you are unsure of what you are doing, it is probably best left to the professionals. You can even pay for professional unlocking services if you really need it.

Below I have provided phone unlock instructions for all of the different phone models including: Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, and LG. Here they are:

How To Unlock Nokia GSM Phones

1. Type #PW+
2. Enter your unlock code
3. Now type +1#
4. Your Nokia phone should say “SIM Restriction Off”

You can read the original unlock instructions for most Nokia phones here.

How To Unlock Samsung GSM Phones

1. Power on your Samsung mobile phone without the SIM card in.
2. Type #7465625*638*
3. Enter your Samsung unlock code
4. Type #
5. If worked, phone should say “Network Lock Deactivated”
6. Your Samsung phone may automatically reboot.

You can read the original unlock instructions for most Samsung phones here.

How To Unlock Blackberry GSM Phones

1. Turn off the Wireless Radio
2. Next go to Settings > Options > Advanced Options > SIM Card
3. Now, hold down the ALT key and press the keys that correspond to: m e p d
4. Next hold down the ALT key again and press the keys that correspond to: m e p 2
5. You should see a menu where you can put in a 16 digit code and 10 tries to punch it in correctly.
6. After you enter in the code, press Enter.
7. It should say “Device Unlocked” and you have an unlocked Blackberry.

You can read the original unlock instructions for most Blackberry phones here

How To Unlock LG GSM Phones

1. Power on your LG phone with the original SIM card in.
2. Enter 2945#*700#
3. A menu will pop up, select SIM Unlock.
4. Enter your unlock code and hit OK.
5. Your LG phone may automatically reboot.

You can read the original unlock instructions for most LG phones here.

Hopefully now you have yourself a fully unlocked GSM phone. The benefit of doing this is that now you can use your cell phone with any phone carrier you desire! If you are still having problems please feel free to leave a question or comment below. Good luck!

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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8 thoughts on “How To Unlock GSM Phone

  1. Hi! I am trying to unlock a Samsung Mythic my son gave me for Christmas. He got the buy one, get one free deal. Unfortunately, I use T-Mobile. I obtained the unlock code via; however, I am unable to type the “PW+”. Can you tell me how to do this on the Mythic, step by step? I can get the “P” by holding down the “*” but that is it.

    Thank you,


  2. Okay – I’ve followed the instructions, but the code generated is not eight digits, but ten digits, and no matter what I do, the phone (Nokia 1208) refuses to let me enter the final # key. What gives?

  3. Eric, did you generate the 10-digit unlock code using a Nokia unlock code generator or is the 10-digit code what you recieved after typing *#06# (your IMEI number). It should be 8-digits as far as I’m aware and im guessing this is why it will not let you enter in the final character (#).

  4. great article. explains them well. manufacturers seem to be making it a little harder to unlock cough cough apple. but people will always be able to do it. it is practical and you can jump around networks. thank god i unlocked my iphone for tmobile and am saving about 50$ a month doing that. can travel wherever we want. used a rogers sim card and it worked great. I got both my unlocked cell phones at and couldn’t be happier. 2 thumbs up. definatley sticking with unlocked phones from now on no more crappy contracts

  5. Hey vince, unfortunately the casio W53CA does not appear to be a GSM based cell phone. Check and see if there is a SIM card in your mobile device. If not, then chances are it isnt GSM. You may still be able to unlock your Casio mobile phone by looking for a professional unlock service, such as the ones listed on this website. Good luck!

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