How To Unlock Samsung Mobile Phone

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Unlocking A Samsung Mobile PhoneWant to unlock your Samsung mobile phone? Well, unlocking your phone may be easier than you think. In a few steps I’ll show you how to unlock any Samsung mobile phone that uses a SIM card, so you can use your phone with any phone carrier. Also keep in mind while you don’t need a SIM card from another carrier before you can begin unlocking any GSM phone, you will need one when you actually switch to your new service provider. Here are the steps to unlock your Samsung mobile phone:

Warning: Entering 3 or more incorrect unlock codes on your Samsung mobile phone may permanently lock it!

Unlock Samsung Mobile Phone with IMEI Unlock Code

1. Power on your Samsung mobile phone with the UNACCEPTED SIM card inserted.
2. Your Samsung phone will prompt for a password (unlock code).
3. Now enter your Samsung unlock code.

Otherwise, if your Samsung mobile phone displays “Insert Correct SIM Card” then:

1. Turn on your Samsung phone with an UNACCEPTED SIM card inserted.
2 – Type: #0111*CODE# (Where CODE is your Samsung unlock code

Additionally, on some older Samsung models this sometimes works:

1. Turn on your Samsung mobile phone without the SIM card in.
2. Type #7465625*638*
3. Now enter your Samsung unlock code
4. Type #
5. If worked, phone should say “Network Lock Deactivated”
6. Your Samsung phone may automatically reboot at this point.

Now you have yourself an unlocked Samsung mobile phone! Also if it does not work the first time around, do not keep trying to make it work. This could only damage your phone. These steps, should work on any Samsung phone’s that are of model S100 and newer. If the above steps did not help you unlock your Samsung mobile phone, then check out this article which provides some different steps on unlocking older model Samsung phones.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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68 thoughts on “How To Unlock Samsung Mobile Phone

  1. Hi,
    I have a T239 SAMSUNG with T-Mobile network lock, I tried your steps but am stuck as the phone does not take any number after typing *#9998*. It only continues with *#9998*————–.
    Is there any solutions to this.


  2. my phone got stolen and my friend is letting me borrow his i have a samsung epix and it is from at&t but my sim card works with cellular one is this the right way to do it. it says only emergency calls and then pin2? can u please help me.

  3. If you have the right codes, and if your network doesn’t have that many locks on the phone.You can unlock your moible. There are several sites that can give you the codes for unlocking mobile phones.I know only how to unlock a mobile using code.

  4. I dont understand
    all my phone says is that there is no service
    oh and by the way it’s from russia
    i have the X100
    yeahh. im using it cause i broke my last phone and cant tell my parents about it, cause ill be in trouble.
    i dont know what to do so that it finds signal…. D:

  5. I would like to please unlock a samsung e1105t…Network lock that is… bought the phone for my lil sis and now its locked on one network only…
    Help plz…thanks..

  6. Pls halp me.
    Unlock code my Samsung c520 mobile
    IMEI: 354710022930271
    I need unlock code

  7. Pleeas help me.
    Unlock code my Samsung T469 mobile
    IMEI: 35441903068784
    I need unlock code

  8. hi,

    i have samsung C520
    IMEI: 35977401356570/7 01

    I need to disable the sim lock. can i get the code please?

    Thank you

  9. my samsung a707 is in phone freeze , i have read there is a code for unlocking the freeze . that is all i want from it , to use camera and mp3 on it . please help.

  10. Buy me a new phone Samsung T-239 brought back to Vietnam, but can not be used because
    The reason is that Vietnam is not the same network in the U.S. network, so I need help to unlock T-mobile network to other network users
    All information please send mail advice:

  11. please help me to unlock my samsung phone? here is the model t401g. kindly send/give to the unlock code. i can not find the unlock code. my imei# 35698703042152102

  12. I need an unlock code for the samsung mobile :
    Model : SGH-T401G(NT)
    IMEI : 356987/03/112617/8

  13. Hey Jerem, I do not have an unlock code for your Samsung S5560 :( Each phone has it’s own unique unlocking code that is calculated in relation to your cell phone’s IMEI number. You can find this number by typing *#06# and hitting enter. Once you have that, you can then visit either this unlock code vendor or this website to get an unlocking code. Hope this helps and good luck!

  14. Plz give me sim unlock code
    samsung SGH-T401G (NT)
    IMEI: 356987/03/016998/9
    i shall be very thankfull……..
    if anyone e-mail me on samina_khan322 at yahoo dot com

  15. I need to unlock my samsung a887,plz help me
    IMEI:359657032800710 THANKZ

  16. I’ve unlocked my sgh a887 samsung, now what can I do with it? I can not find any web sites the tell me what i an do with it. Any info would be great.

  17. my samsung sch-i220 is locked.wen i turn it on all it shows is the windows moble 6.1.and thats do i get past that…help me

  18. Please kindly provide me with the unlock code for my Samsung SGH-E950.
    IMEI: 35637301539210/4 01
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  19. Hey Evans, I cannot generate your Samsung E950 unlock code for you unfortunately. You can try calling up your carrier to see if they can do it, otherwise most people seem to have success getting unlock codes from this website. Good luck unlocking your Samsung E950!

  20. i have samsung mobile SPHW that possible if i use it in indonesia? what i have to do?

  21. Please help me! I have a Sanyo 2700, IDk my IMEI, but the DEC is 268435457805963566. It is a Boost Mobile phone. I realllyyyy need my MSL to reset it because I am locked out and Boost will not give it to me.

  22. When you start enter in *#9998*, don’t enter the second star. Continue to type in the number, then scroll back to where the second star goes and then enter the star.

  23. I have a Samsung T401g which I need to unlock. Please help me with the unlock code.the IMEI is: 356 986 032 927 329

  24. Nice tut
    But I need help unlocking

    Model; Samsung GT-B3410
    IMEI: 359526 03 729459 /3

  25. i got a sumsung mobile phone model sphw 2900 i am in srilanka the problem is as ‘invalid card this region’ pl solve this problem

  26. i need the sim unlock code for a Samsung T401G (ST) please. the IMEI # 356986/03/096889/5. Thank you!

  27. help i can’t find the galaxy mini or S5570 does this thing has another name or it’s still not available?

  28. Appreciate if you can help on unlock Samsung SGH-T401G (NT) IMEI: 356987/03/186950/4 Thank you very much.

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