How To Get T-Mobile Unlock Codes

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T-Mobile Unlock CodesNeed an unlock code for a T-Mobile phone? Luckily, T-Mobile is one of the few phone carriers that gives out cell phone unlock codes for free. That is, as long as you meet a few requirements. Below I have posted some of the requirements you must meet, before T-Mobile will issue you the unlock code. Then once you get your unlock code, you can begin unlocking your phone!

T-Mobile Unlock Code Requirements

1. The account must have been active for 90 days (unless customer paid full retail for the handset), and a refill on the account if the request is made by a prepaid customer. ** Please note that some prepaid customers have reported receiving an unlock request without adding a refill to their account.
2. You must have a T-Mobile phone number.
3. Only one unlock code will be issued per active line within a 90 day period.
4. IMEI number must be provided directly from the customers handset

The full list of requirements and information you’ll need for T-Mobile is located here. As long as you have everything met, you can go ahead and either email or call T-Mobile.

Email T-Mobile for your cell phones unlock code: customercare at t-mobilesupport dot com
Calling T-Mobile for your cell phones unlock code: 1.800.937.8997

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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17 thoughts on “How To Get T-Mobile Unlock Codes

  1. Thanks for this for information. I think that unlocking T-mobile is not easy. After read this article it is also easy.

  2. You can get a T-Mobile unlock code by calling up their support number and requesting one. Unfortunately, I cannot do this for you and you will have to, because they may need information to prove you have service with them. If you are unable to get an unlock code using this method, you can try getting one for your T-Mobile cell phone by using this unlock code vendor. Good luck kent!

  3. How about if i am already residing in other country? what should I do? I cant contact t-mobile because of there is no network coverage help!

  4. please i need unlock code for samsung behold imei# 35191503035192/2 03

  5. i am already residing in other country? what should I do? I cant contact t-mobile because there is no network coverage. So please help!

  6. my ROM ver. 4.26.531.1 wwe
    ROM date 04/22/08
    Radio ver. 03.21.90
    Protocol ver.
    ExtRom ver. 4.26.531.101
    Model No. HERA110
    Plateform. PocketPC
    IMEI 35286201750383702

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