Free Samsung Unlock Codes for 22 Models

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Samsung Unlock CodeFree Samsung unlock codes for a specific phone model are hard to find as I found out. Therefore, I decided to write this unlock guide that has the unlock codes for 22 different Samsung phone models. If you need the steps on how to unlock a Samsung mobile phone, then check out my previous phone guide.

Additionally, if your Samsung cell phone is not in this list, then you should first try and call your phone carrier requesting a free unlock code. In exchange for your Samsung unlock code, they will need your mobile’s IMEI number which you can get simply by typing *#06# and hitting your send or enter button. If your phone carrier will not give you an unlock code, then finally you may end up having to pay for one. In this case I would recommend checking out the how to get an unlock code section beneath this article.

Remember when you are entering these unlock codes you only have four chances, otherwise your phone could permanently lock. Alright, here is the list:

Free Samsung Unlock Codes

Samsung SGH-a300

Samsung SGH-a400

Samsung SGH-a800

Samsung SGH-e400
In newer phones:

Samsung SGH-e500
In newer phones:

Samsung SGH-e700
In newer phones:

Samsung SGH-E715
Turn off the phone. Put a non-accepted SIM Card and turn it on. Type *#9998*3323#. Press Exit. Choose menu #7. After phone reboots type *0141# and hit the Call button. Turn off and insert another SIM Card. Turn on. The code is 00000000.

Samsung SGH-m100
Type *#9998*627837793#. Then type *#9998*737#. Press >/[] (Play Stop) until phone shows NCK/SPCK number. Press Exit. Type #0111*CODE# (Code is the last 8 digits of the NCK/SPCK)

Samsung SGH-P400
*2767*3855# or *2767*688# or *2767*927#

In newer Samsung models:

Samsung SGH-s100

Samsung SGH-s105
Remove SIM Card. Enter *2767*7822573738# and after phone reboots, enter #0111*00000000#

Samsung SGH-s300

Samsung SGH-s307
Turn off the phone. Put a non-accepted SIM Card and turn it on. Type *#9998*3323#. Press Exit. Choose menu #7. After phone reboots type *0141# and hit the Call button. Turn off and insert another SIM Card. Turn on. The code is 00000000.

Samsung SGH-S500
*2767*3855# or *2767*688# or *2767*927#

Samsung SGH-600
*2767*3855# or *2767*2878#

Samsung SGH-2100
*2767*3855# or *2767*2878#

Samsung SGH-V200

Samsung SGH-X100
Turn off the phone. Put a non-accepted SIM Card and turn it on. Type *#9998*3323#. Press Exit. Choose menu #7. After phone reboots type *0141# and hit the Call button. Turn off and insert another SIM Card. Turn on. The code is 00000000.

Samsung SGH-X600
Turn off the phone. Put a non-accepted SIM Card and turn it on. Type *#9998*3323#. Press Exit. Choose menu #7. After phone reboots type *0141# and hit the Call button. Turn off and insert another SIM Card. Turn on. The code is 00000000.

Samsung SGH-R210

Samsung SGH-D500

Samsung Universal Type
Put a non-accepted SIM Card and turn it on. Type *#9998*3323#. Press Exit. You will get a new menu. Select Malloc Fail.

If these unlock instructions for your Samsung phone are not in the above list, you can try reading my newest Samsung unlock guide for newer phones. I will post any updates as I find them. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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128 thoughts on “Free Samsung Unlock Codes for 22 Models

  1. how can i unlock my samsung sch s109
    when the display is showing phone locked contact service provider

  2. Do you have a code for the sgh g600 samsung model. I see you have one for the sgh 600 but this does not work on my phone

  3. Dear Sir

    Sim lock code required for Samsung E1070T. Actually I have not put any code for locking sim card. Now it asks code when insert any sim card.

    kindly help tks in advance


  4. can anyone please help me unlock my samasung SGH-B270?? Its locked ot movistar network…Thank you

  5. my samsung e700 when i put sim it can’t start if i remove sim it start
    what the problem
    please help

  6. How do you go about unlocking corby from samsung give me the unlock code and the steps …………. oh please! o please!! someone!!!

  7. I’m looking for an unlock code for a Samsung B270 on spanish Movistar network, can anyone help/advise



  8. Make: samsung
    Model: sgh-t401g (nt)
    IMEI: 35698703125165

    Prepaid Net10 phone displays prepaid service disable when i turn on, says network unavailable when i try to make a call. Need it to work with my att sim

  9. Hi, could you please advise the network unlock code for the samsung SGH-D600E and the samsung M8800. Many thanks

  10. i accidentally typed in the wrong thing when trying to enable the security on my samsung t401g, and now my phone is on lockdown. to unlock my phone, i have to enter my ‘puk’. i have no idea what a ‘puk’ is. HELP ME!!!!

  11. @Christina
    Hi, I think you need to contact your phone service. If it’s ATT you should go to their office or even get in touch with them on the phone to request the PUK code. It happened to me before and that’s how I solved the problem.

  12. hey i have this samsung model# sch-r610 ic# 649e-schr610 theres a user lock on it i need to unlock it if any one can help thanx

  13. I have a SGH-408i. When I put in local SIM card phone states “Phone Freeze SIM unavailable. Contact your service provider”. Is there some way to get to network lock so code can be entered? only options available are SOS and Call and these dont work!

  14. Hi please help mee i have recommened you to my friends but in need an unfreeze code for a samsung tocco lite imei is … 357676038323743
    many thanks

  15. My samsung SGH-J700 bluetooth is not working. How best can u help me to solve the problem. Grateful if this could be done.

  16. hi, i need to help .i bought virgin mobile brand samsung gt-s5230 mobile phone/ after i need to use o2 sim in phone. and i pay to got un lock code. but i can,t put in why ?[ show on screen phone freeze .sim unavelable/contact your service provider,]what can i do? pls help me.. cheers,

  17. i cant remember the unlock code for my samsung solstice and i really really really need help. can any 1 help me?

  18. Help!!!
    Samsung genio gt-b5130 freezes with new sim…how do I get past this?

  19. Hey Daniel, there are two different codes this could need here. If you have tried unlocking your Samsung Tocco Lite using an incorrect unlock code too many times, it can permanently lock the SIM card and will need a security code. If this is not the case and you are just inserting your new unaccepted SIM card in, but need the unlock code it will specifically request an unlock code. Eitherway, I would first suggest calling up your current phone carrier as they should be able to provide with assistance for that. If for some reason this is not the case, I would recommend this unlock code website, as there is no way for me to generate free Samsung Tocco Lite unlock codes :( I hope this helps and I wish you luck in unlocking your cell phone!

  20. Does anyone know how to unlock a samsung SGH-E250 mobile phone?

    Please help me!!!

    Thanking you inadvance.

    Moriah Fose-PNG

  21. Moriah, I just wrote this unlock guide on the Samsung E250. Try giving it a read by following this link. I hope it helps and that all goes well unlocking your Samsung phone.

  22. i need to unlock my SGH-E590
    i forgot my sim lock password.. wish you can help me

  23. i got a samsung SGH-T239. i bought a new sim card from a different network but when i put it in it said “Wrong Card” my IMEI is 011841 0023023 /901
    please help me!??anyone.please

  24. does anyone know the code to restore a samsung SGH-E250 to it’s factory settings?

    Please help?

    Thanks alot

    Moxie Fose

  25. Does anyone know how to unlock a T456? ANy advice would be truly appreciated!

    Thanks so much!

  26. I am looking for the unlock code for the Samsung Gravity 2 phone: if you need the imei number let me know… thanks a bunch!!!


  27. I am in serious need of the unlock code for the samsung a707. if you could please help me out that would be awesome. thanks

  28. i need a hand unlocking a samsung pixon on vodafone for free if you can help me the imei number is 356325/02/311808/7 i would be most gratefull for any help thanks

  29. Do you think you could get the unlock code for my Samsung Corby, on a french SFR network, the IMEI number is 356759037071371. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Merci buckets!!

  30. I recently changed from 02 to 3 network and was tod that iwoud b able to use my simcard in my unlocked Samsung SGH G600. I have tried my phone and several other unlocked phones but I cannot get them to run with my 3 Simcard in them.

    Is this particular to 3 to force you to use their phones or is there a code or a specil way of setting up a phone for use with 3. Any advice would be very much apprecaited.

  31. Do you think you could get the unlock code for my Samsung GT-S3650, on German O2 network from UK O2, the IMEI number is 357798033290782. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!!

  32. Hello, i need to unlock my Samsung S3650. Please can i have an unlock code if you have one.


  33. network unlock code ime 35844202107447302 thank you i need the 8 no. code i am stumped i ended up setting the auto subset lock and cant undoit now to

  34. hi guys
    do u know the unblocking code for samsung E2120 imei no is 351664040624817 i got it as a birthday present but canot use it as im on vodafone network if any one has the answer please email me many thanks patrick

  35. I need a unlock phone code for my Samsung Corby GT S 3650, Imei : 356769/03/036323/0.

    Thank you if you can help

  36. i have a samsung SGH-A177 which i need help to unlock.this is the IMEI:354331/03/667802/8
    i will be greatful if someone will help me out with the unlock code for this phone.
    i wish to thank you for you help and time.

  37. Does nobody have a Samsung SGH-J400, IMEI: 355464/02/055964/6; SIM locked to telering in Austria; do you have any idea to unlock by code…

    Thanx for help!!!!!

  38. I have the network unlock code for AT&T.
    Its 3998386951354644.
    I know how frustrating it is to get this stupid network unlock code so im just doing everyone a favor who needs it because when i needed it I was hoping someone would post it and now i got it so im giving to everyone who is frustrated and needs help unlocking a AT&T phone.

  39. hi Guys i have a Samsung SGH-A736 with IMEI 35154802003831/4 02 with roger network can any one give me a unlock code for it ??? thanks

  40. Hi, people! Can anyone help me to unlock my cell phone samsung SGH-T239??? PLEASE. I need it so much… and thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Hello! Can anyone help me to unlock my cell phone samsung SGH-T239??? PLEASE!!

  42. Hi i need the unlocking code for a samsung SGH-G600 please



  43. 355894 02 061617/002 is my imei it hasn’t been fully reset every time I switched off and on z phone it requests me the unlock code please anyone can help?

  44. Can you help me?
    /I need the unlocking code for a samsung Gt E2120 please

    IMEI 354927/03/459393/5

  45. Hi,
    Can you please tell me the unlock code for my Samsung Solstice SGH-A887 (AT&T) IMEI 359657031066693.
    Thank you so much.

  46. Hi please ani one can help me, my phone is Net10 Samsung T201G and when switch on, it asks for unlock code, please help me, phone IMEI: 011849002412424

  47. i have a NET10-T401G, I NEED HELP to unblock this phone i live in MEXICO Torreon, Coahuila.


    You can e-mail me.

  48. samsung sgh-g600

    instead of using the unlock codes you can do the following to unlock this model:

    1-Turn on the phone without sim card .
    2-Pull off the battery cover and insert any non-accepted sim card (without turning off the handset)
    3-Do full reset by typing: *2767*3855# , phone will reboot and goes to Menu.
    4- Then type the following codes (Customize Sp-lock code) *7465625*638*00000000*00000000#
    5- (Unlock your phone with new SP code) #7465625*638*00000000#
    6- sgh-g600 now unlocked

    worked straight away for me from orange to O2

  49. i am using samsung star 3g(gt-s5603) , yesterday i activated mobile tracker,
    but i forgot its password, can any one help me to solve this problem ,because
    it is sending messages automayically and charging me a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please help help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Can you help me to get the unlocking code for a samsung Gt E2120
    Thank you!
    IMEI: 35492703900421/9 Orange Romania

  51. can you help me to get the unlocking code for a samsung S8300v
    Thank you!
    IMIE:359984021598885 VODAFONE

  52. ii Forgot Myy Messege Password Andd ii Need To Unlockk iiT
    Model ;; Sasung Tocco Lite GT-S5230

  53. Hi. I have a Samsung SGH T239. Please I need the network unlock code. IMEI: 011899001405531. Thanks

  54. can you send me an Email with an unlock code for Samsung SGH-A797 Flight AT&T

    35462103129913/9 02

  55. Could you help to unlock below phone? I need it immediately.

    Samsun SGH-T239
    IMEI: 011841 00 163772 /1 01

    I appreciate it very much for your thelp!

  56. Hey there,

    Need help unlocking my cell phone it is a samsung sgh-a237. I cant find anyone who can help me?

  57. Hi, I’m new to this. I was wondering if you could help me unlock my samsung hype (sgh-a256)
    It would be greatly apperciated.
    Email me?

  58. i need help unlocking the sght919 thats the old behold and the gravity can you help please

  59. sir, i have a phone that is samsung sgh f-480. it is Phone Freeze SIM Unavailable. Please contact service provider. i am from bangladesh. ime-35187202996270/8

  60. Am I missing something here? I see specific instructions on how to unlock a phone. Then I see the site kindly notating some codes he knows and says otherwise go to these other sites and get a code.
    Then a whole line of comments of people asking for the codes for their phones?
    Did I miss something here?
    Did I miss the part where all the codes to all the phones in the whole world would be provided upon asking?
    Read the article and then go get a code.
    If you then think of it, come back and post it up for someone else.

  61. Please help me to unfreeze and unlock my samsung s7350 imei 35907602198453/6 i am from Macedonia . T-Mobile please please please help me ……. email me

  62. hello,

    1. You must first do a reset CUSTOM: * 2767 * 2878 #

    2. Take a rejected SIM card (which the phone wont accept) and insert
    while the phone is switched on, without removing the battery.
    3 – Make: * 2767 * 3855 # (Reset the notebook)

    The phone should turn off within 1 minute,

    4 – The mobile accepts the sim card, but if it holds, the phone is always locked (no network).

    5 – Now, do: * 7465625 * 638 * 00000000 * 00000000 #
    The unlock code is 00000000, now.

    6 – Enter *#7465625# and watch what is Active.

    * If the PC lock is On, make # 7465625*27*00000000#
    * If the lock is Active Network, to # 7465625*638*00000000#
    * If the SIM lock is On, make # 7465625*746*00000000#
    * If the SP lock is On, make # 7465625*77*00000000#
    * If the Subset lock is active, the # 7465625*782*00000000#

    Good luck



  63. Used your site to unlock a T-Mobile locked Samsung SGH-S105. Worked perfectly. Thank you.

  64. Hi! I have 2 phones I would like to unlock.

    1. Samsung Gravity t669
    IME: 353652/04/599687/4

    2. Samsung Eternity a867
    IME: 355843025596655

  65. hi i have a Samsung Evergreen SGH A667T and i need a master resat code i got drunk and put one on and cant rember what it is and cant axcesss any thing on my phone pleasee help

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