Free LG Unlock Codes

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LG Unlock CodesLooking for Free LG Unlock Codes? Getting an unlock code for your LG mobile phone may be easier than you think. Many websites want you to pay for high priced unlock codes or instructions. The truth is most phone carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T have no problem providing you with a free unlock code for your LG phone. All they require is your phone’s IMEI number. Checking a phone’s IMEI number was covered in my previous phone tutorial, but we will also cover it here.

How To Get A Free LG Unlock Code

1. Power on your LG phone and type *#06#
2. The first 15 digits displayed is your phone’s IMEI number.
3. Call your phone carrier’s support number.
4. Ask for an subsidy unlock code for your LG phone.
5. They will then ask for your IMEI number in exchange, and thats it!

Now you should have yourself a completely free LG unlock code. If for some reason the GSM carrier will not allow you to get an unlock code, then you will probably have to look for some LG unlock code software if its a relatively old model. Otherwise, you can try some of the unlock code vendors I have posted below.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free unlock code by requesting it from the carrier may not always work. Alternatively, I recomend trying to find your code by using an instant unlock site or service.
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36 thoughts on “Free LG Unlock Codes

  1. Hi!
    That’s fantastic! I have an lg kc910 and wanted to unlock it but that was too much.
    Now I found this page!


  2. IMEI number A0010782-00-061898-4
    The provider your phone is locked to Cingular
    The country the phone was purchased United States
    The make of phone LG
    The model of phone C2000
    Chinago Odumuko
    pls i need the unlock code of the phone

  3. Not all networks provide it free. for instance tesco charge £30 unless you have topped up the equivelant and have been on there network for 3 months!!

  4. I am trying to unlock my LG KP500 Cookie, can you help me and please supply me with an unlock code please?

  5. i have an lg vx5400 does anyone know how to see what the imei is
    the meid is a000000c511bae
    i want to unlock it but cant figure it out

  6. hey can anyone help me i have lg kp500(cookie) but the thing is that the phone is from a mexican a company called telcel which for the third step do i call telcel to get the code?

  7. i need a code to unlock my keypad on an lg ax4270. number esn hex 19a4dfbo. tried everything i know.

  8. tanks for your help i tried some of those codes and it realy worked i am very grateful.but still i need one more help kindly send me the code for unlocking sony ericsson w810i reply via my e-mail tanks in antispaction

  9. hola alguien me da el codigo de desbloqueo del
    LG KU990 Viewty
    vodafone españa
    imei 354935026172436 please

  10. hola me podrias dar el codigo de desbloqueo:
    LG KU990 viewty
    vodafone españa
    imei 354935026172436

  11. can some one please help me unlock my phone
    LG KU990
    imei 359944025534989

  12. can u plz help me unlock my phone its a LG kc910.

    imei: 357090-02-403622-0

    locked to which i h8 T-moblie

  13. Hi, my cingular AT& LG GT365 mobile phone seems to be locked on to only one of my local networks, glo. Please send me network unlocking codes and directives on how to fix this problem, so that I can use my prefered service provider. Thanks for being there for us

  14. Hey Brian, unfortunately I cannot calculate an unlock code for your LG VX9200. I would try calling up your phone carrier first and requesting a free one. Otherwise, these two places work really good: Unlock Cell Phone Code and Global Unlock. If you need any help once you have your unlock code let me know. Good luck!